Seeing Stripes? Paint your Nursery in these Fun, Striped Patterns

Adding painted stripes to walls is an easy(ish) way to add visual interest and playfulness to any room. Whether you're looking to go bold with vibrant, contrasting colors or subtle with a cascade of tonal stripes, this design element is versatile enough to work in either situation. Take a peek at some of these gorgeous examples of stripes at play: [caption id="attachment_4756" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="File this under "fabulous.""] design[/caption] We love the baby blue/salmon color combination here and the details on that daybed are just incredible.  As the eye travels upward, it is met with the lovely pale blue wall and then WOW! Big, bold salmon stripes sweep across the ceiling and draw due attention to that incredible chandelier. Yes, our necks hurt just thinking about the logistics of painting stripes on the ceiling but in this case? Totally worth it! Kudos to Krista Salmon, the designer of the room, of Kiki's List. [caption id="attachment_4757" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Another glorious color combination!"]striped ceiling. nursery[/caption] Dark meets light in this unique nursery! These parents got clever with color and opted to keep the walls free of objects to make the ceiling the focal point of the room. We love how the marigold color in the bedding is picked up in the stripes. Taking a cue from the crib, this mom and dad contrasted dark with light on the walls to make a bold statement in their little one's nursery. [caption id="attachment_4758" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="True blue, pale blue, and white wrap around this super-cute little boy's room."][/caption] While some people shy away from blue walls due to their darkening effect, this mom and dad embraced the blue and brightened up their son's room by incorporating white stripes on the walls. Punctuated by unique accessories (that ceiling light! that crazy cool roman shade! the artwork), the result is a space that is tranquil yet fun, simple yet interesting. [caption id="attachment_4760" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Stunning stripes in a stunning nursery"]nursery decor. stripes. [/caption] Striped walls definitely add visual interest to a room, but they also have the powerful effect of creating dimension, as evidenced in this beautiful blue and white nursery. Mom and dad opted to keep opposing walls white and used stripes to create depth in the sleeping/changing area of the room. We love the pale blue accents sprinkled here and there (the drawer pulls, the chandelier), but the striped friend on the wall brought the biggest smiles. This might be the one baby who looks forward to diaper changes, just to giggle and grin at the striped friend who watches over the changing table. [caption id="attachment_4759" align="alignnone" width="554" caption="Striped walls in a nautical themed nursery"]striped walls. nautical. nursery[/caption] Life's a beach for this lucky little one! A nautical-themed nursery practically demands stripes of some sort, and these parents kept it subtle. Creamy beige and soft white strips take turns around the room while the wall decor brings the fun. We love how the beige curtains fall on the beige stripes so the pattern is not disrupted. That takes some planning and incredible attention to detail. With a little practice, a little patience, and a LOT of painter's tape, you can add interest, fun, and depth to your nursery or kid's room. Striped walls are an inexpensive way to create a huge impact in your wee one's space. From stripes to wall decals to amazing accessories, we've found tons of examples of  knock-your-socks-off  nursery decor. Be sure to check out our blog for the inspiration you need to design the dream room for your baby or young child. For more incredible ideas, visit our Pinterest boards.

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