Ribbit! Cute, Modern Nursery Decor for your Frog Themed Nursery

[caption id="attachment_4846" align="aligncenter" width="282" caption="A frog themed nursery with striped paint from StyleDecor"]A frog themed nursery with striped paint from StyleDecor[/caption] Kermit the frog said it's not easy being green. We say pshaw! Kermit didn't realize what fabulous selection of frog themed nursery decor there is out there. We love frogs not only because they are cute, but green is such a great color by which to accent. For example, this aqua and green nursery offers such vibrancy and fun. It's hard not to smile back at the little frog on the nightstand. Painting stripes in this baby room also brings visual depth we adore. If aqua is not your color, try a navy blue and green baby room for a more traditional look. [caption id="attachment_4844" align="alignnone" width="330" caption="Personalized frog wall decal with lily pad by weeDECOR "]Personalized frog wall decal with lily pad by weeDECOR[/caption] Of course if you're looking to customize your nursery, our personalized lily pad frogs wall decal or are personalized frog wall decal are an easy way to do so. These little frogs sit around a lily pad framing Hudson's name nicely. Perfect for above a crib, over a dresser, or anywhere your wall needs love, our frog wall decals are sure to delight.  If you prefer more subtle wall decor, consider our frog wall decals. Six little frogs in varying shades of green can provide frog themed wall accents wherever you desire. If you prefer lily pads, see our frog and and lily pad wall decal. Note that our wall decals are more green than just color. They are made of ecofriendly, biodegradable fabric. We make it easy to be green. [caption id="attachment_4837" align="alignnone" width="347" caption="Frog Floor Pillow for a Nursery, Kids Room, or Playroom at Design Public"]Frog Floor Pillow for a Nursery, Kids Room, or Playroom[/caption] For the modern playroom, this frog floor pillow by Amenity Nursery would look fabulous in a reading nook for your first grader. The modern style and muted green colors of this pillow could bring serenity to the generally most cacophony room in the house. [caption id="attachment_4838" align="alignnone" width="395" caption="Frog rug for a baby's room at Rosenberry Rooms"]Frog rug for a baby's room at Rosenberry Rooms[/caption] For a little boy's green nursery, this blue and green frog rug sold at Rosenberry Rooms is fabulously playful. We like the repeating frog pattern with one frog highlighted in blue, green, and red. How fun! [caption id="attachment_4839" align="alignnone" width="397" caption="Flensted frog mobile for over a baby's crib at AllModern"]Flensted frog mobile for over a baby's crib at AllModern[/caption] For fans of frogs and Flensted mobiles, see this super cute frog mobile at AllModern. The Denmark based company known all over the world for its funky design delights again with its king frog mobile. [caption id="attachment_4841" align="alignnone" width="365" caption="Frog wooden wall letters from Etsy seller LetterLuxe"]Frog wooden wall letters from Etsy seller LetterLuxe[/caption] Finally, for lovers of the classic wooden wall letter, Etsy seller LetterLuxe provides another frog king option with her sweet frog themed wooden wall letters. Perfect to put the finishing touches on your little boy's frog themed nursery. For more themed nursery ideas, see our ideas for a monkey themed nursery, an elephant themed nursery,  and a jungle themed nursery.

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