Let Their Be Light! And, Let it Come from Cute Pendant Lights in your Baby's Room

Pendant Lighting for a Nursery by Olio When thinking about nursery lighting, it’s important to think about how your child will be affected by the light in his/her room. Pendant lighting, in particular, can add both functionality and great design to your baby's room as there are many beautiful options to consider. Since children are smaller than adults, they’re often going to be looking up at lights – either from the crib or from crawling on the floor. Given that, any pendant lights you have on the ceiling should have diffusers on the bottom. (Typically plastic/acrylic sheets on the bottom of the fixture that filter the light so the bulb doesn’t shine in anyone’s eyes). This is not such an issue with table lamps as the lampshade will cut the glare from most places, but it is an argument for considering smaller smaller fixtures to begin with. Note that tri-light bulbs (those that have a low, medium, and high setting) are also a good idea as well so you can have low light when you’re trying to set a mood at bedtime, and brighter light when you have tasks to do like changing diapers. Many rooms already have an overhead light, and these lights can be great for lighting the entire room, in general, and for playtime.  I like how these stylish, hanging pendants are versatile enough to work well in a baby’s room as well as a teen’s room and in between. Rosenberry Rooms has a nice selection of pendant lights for your nursery and here are a few of my favorites: [caption id="attachment_4864" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Green Pendant Nursery Light from Rosenberry Rooms"]Green Pendant Nursery Light from Rosenberry Rooms[/caption] Pink Pendant Baby Room Light from Rosenberry Rooms [caption id="attachment_4866" align="alignnone" width="312" caption="Grey Double Pendant Light for a Nursery from Rosenberry Rooms"]Grey Double Pendant Light for a Nursery from Rosenberry Rooms[/caption] If you like the green pendant light, there are several other colors from which to to choose.  The pink floral pedant lamp is a delightful design perfect for a classic girl's nursery. The double pendant light in grey adds a bit more dimension to your lighting. And, both the green and grey are great if you seek pendant lighting for a gender neutral nursery. Of course, all of these lights would work with a themed room featuring weeDECOR's nursery wall decals. Note: This post was written for weeDECOR by Suzanne of Radiant Room. For more ideas on lighting for your nursery or home, visit Radiant Room at www.radiantroom.com.

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