RAWR—New Dinosaur Wall Decals at weeDECOR!

[caption id="attachment_4920" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="weeDECOR - Dinosaur Wall Decals"]weeDECOR dinosaur wall decals[/caption] We are thrilled to introduce our new dinosaur wall decal stickers, including the infamous Tyrannasaurus Rex, a Brontosaurus (now known as the Apatosaurus), and everyone's favorite herbivore—the Stegosaurus! We have a large dinosaur mural, a smaller set of dinosaur decals, three personalized dino wall decals, and small or large individual dinosaurs, so you can decorate your child's bedroom or playroom any way you like. Our dinosaurs also look great with our alligator wall decals, turtle wall decals, and tree wall decals. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Being Brook - DIY Dinosaur Letter"]Dinosaur Bedroom[/caption] Learn how to make your own 'dino-skinned' letter at Being Brook. We also love the rustic, wooden headboard and simple bedding in her dinosaur bedroom. Our reusable wall decals can also be applied to surfaces other than walls, and they would look great on a little lamp or nightstand. Here's a great dinosaur bedding option from Land of Nod. The printed sheets can be paired with a solid quilt or fully decked-out in dinosaurs. And what good is beautiful bedding without good lighting? We found this adorable dinosaur lamp at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you have old toys laying around the house, there are some brilliant dinosaur decor options out there! You've probably seen the repurposed plastic dinosaur planters, but there are hundreds of other kids' room decor projects featuring plastic dinosaurs and other animal toys. Check out some of our favorite uses for old plastic toys on this Pinterest board. And if you're looking for modern wooden toys for your future paleontologist? Here's an adorable stegosaurus on wheels by DwellStudio Kids that your little one will love. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="DwellStudio Kids - Push Toy Dino"]Wooden Dinosaur Toy[/caption]

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Really cute decals :) i would love to have those on my baby´s nursery :)

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