Wow! Loving this Unique Nursery Shelving Idea

[caption id="attachment_4957" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Loving This Unique Nursery Storage Idea"]Loving This Unique Nursery Storage IdeaLoving This Unique Nursery Storage Idea[/caption] This combination of nursery shelves as a way to create a decorative wall piece and serve as a functional storage solution is simply too beautiful not to share. Simply Yvonne provides a stunning view of these cute shelves in her baby's nursery and we're oh-so-glad she did! A yellow-green tinged wall paint provides a neutral background for the bright white shelves, perfectly spaced to create a delightful montage of baby related eye-candy. Each of the gorgeous little dresses in and of themselves create visual interest, let alone the collection of frames and stuffed animals along the shelves. Your eyes catch sight of the gorgeous photography of her little one and the related mementos. Books, standing picture frames, a piggy bank and more make each shelf that much more interesting. We also love the lime green Japanese lantern peeking out from the ceiling above. If you have a small space or your baby's room lacks a closet, this is a great way to improvise without sacrificing any aesthetic. Thanks for the idea, Simply Yvonne! See our other articles for more storage ideas such as: Train Themed Bookshelves with weeDECOR Wall Decals Cute Nursery Storage Baskets Decorative Bookends for your Baby's or Kid's Room

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