Oh-So-Cute Owl Themed Nurseries with weeDECOR Wall Decals

These oh-so-cute owl themed nurseries show how easy it is to use weeDECOR wall decals to decorate a beautiful baby room. Perfect for a boy, girl or "surprise", we guarantee our owl wall decals to your satisfaction. [caption id="attachment_4987" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="weeDECOR Owl Wall Decals in an Owl Themed Nursery"]weeDECOR Owl Wall Decals in an Owl Themed Nursery[/caption] This mom has decorated her baby boy's room with our Personalized Owl Wall Decal in an array of blues and greens. The Dwell Studio bedding promotes a modern design aesthetic along with the white modern crib. We love how the green rug makes you feel like you are outside yet still within the comforts of your own home. [caption id="attachment_4988" align="aligncenter" width="516" caption="weeDECOR Owl Wall Stickers in a Baby Room"]weeDECOR Owl Wall Stickers in a Baby Room[/caption] This mom chose a less traditional color palette to offset her more traditional espresso colored crib. Our Personalized Solo Owl Wall Decal in orange pops against the crib and off of a neutral painted wall. [caption id="attachment_4989" align="aligncenter" width="514" caption="weeDECOR Happy Owl Wall Decal Designed by Petite Lemon"]weeDECOR Happy Owl Wall Decal Designed by Petite Lemon[/caption] Finally, this mom chose our Personalized Happy Owls in bright pink and our smiley font - which comes with cute hearts to dot the I's "Olivia". We are a big fan of putting the branch in a corner so that it looks as if it is growing out of the wall and hanging softly above a changing table or other piece of nursery furniture. For more owl decorating ideas see our other articles: More Moms Go All "Owt" with weeDECOR Owl Wall Decals A Modern Blue and Orange Owl Themed Baby Room Lemongrass Green Owl Themed Baby Room Owl Themed Nursery Storage Baskets Modern Owl Themed Nursery

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