The Cutest Step Stools for Your Kids Bathroom

Decorating your child's bathroom can be fun and a little less stressful than the nursery. It's pretty easy to find cute, affordable kids bathroom decor that can make bath time and teeth brushing more enjoyable. As such, check out these cute kids bathroom step stools that provide both form and function to your bathroom design. [caption id="attachment_5054" align="aligncenter" width="456" caption="Custom Painted Under the Sea Step Stool for a Kid's Bathroom"]Custom Painted Under the Sea Step Stool for a Kid's Bathroom[/caption] We think this custom painted wooden Under the Sea step stool would look fabulous in your Under the Sea bathroom. Designed by Etsy seller SophiasRosieRoom, the step stool is custom painted and personalized with "whale letters". The stool is further adorned with an island, palm trees, a monkey hanging from one of the trees and stripes and polka dots. The stool is a natural colored wood painted with turquoise and light blue and has an orange sunshine accent. Pair with our Under the Sea wall decals to bring the theme together. [caption id="attachment_5053" align="aligncenter" width="370" caption="Frog Step Stool for Kids"]Frog Step Stool for Kids[/caption] For the frog theme, check out this frog step stool from Right Start. Decorative and functional, this cutey will help your little one reach the sink with ease. This frog step stool matches well with our frog wall decals, our frog and lily pad wall decal, and our Splish Splash wall decal quote. [caption id="attachment_5055" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="A Duck Step Stool for Your Kid's Bathroom"]A Yellow Duck Step Stool for Your Kid's Bathroom[/caption] You can't go wrong with the yellow duck bathroom theme and this yellow wooden duck step stool helps bring that theme to life. Pair with our duck wall decals for a full on duck bathroom theme or our rub a dub dub wall decal quote with duck accents. [caption id="attachment_5056" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="A Fish Puzzle Kids Step Stool"]A Fish Puzzle Kids Step Stool[/caption] Finally, for your fish themed bathroom, we're loving this personalized fish puzzle step stool. Pair with our fish wall decals or fish wall decal mural with seaweed and shell accents for a tropical paradise. Happy decorating!

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