Rainy Day Craft Idea for Your Kids - Potato Stamping!

If you need a rainy day activity with the kids, try something fun and different like potato stamping. Yep! You heard us right. With a few potatoes, some paint, and a "canvas" of your choosing, you'll be stamping away in no time. Be sure to use fabric safe paints for all washable items. And, you'll need a knife to cut the potatoes for the kids. Check out these inspiring DIY potato stamping decor ideas. [caption id="attachment_5061" align="aligncenter" width="455" caption="Potato Stamp Stars Organic Kids Bedding"]Potato Stamp Stars Organic Kids Bedding[/caption] This potato stamped, star-themed kids organic bedding set from UK outlet Quick Brown Fox of Dulwich inspired us! Think of all you can do in your kids room with some simple white fabric, a few potatoes and some fabric safe paint. The options are endless! Imagine what you could create - curtains, quilts, towels and more! [caption id="attachment_5062" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="Potato Stamp Shirt Craft Idea from Martha Stewart"]Potato Stamp Shirt Craft Idea from Martha Stewart[/caption] Consider also potato stamping kids clothes! This cute potato stamp t-shirt idea comes from Martha Stewart, of course. Martha recommends fingerling potatoes to design with cute, slightly misshapen polka dots. Again, remember to use fabric safe paints for washing. [caption id="attachment_5064" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="Potato Stamp Chevron Wall ArtPotato Stamp Chevron Wall Art"]Potato Stamp Chevron Wall Art[/caption] Finally, see this potato stamp chevron wall art. Though your 4 year old might have trouble recreating this gorgeous chevron piece made by Andrea of Strawberry Chic, left to his own devices, he would likely create something just as cute.

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