10 Creative Wall Decal Ideas

We're used to decorating walls with decals, but there are so many creative places for wall stickers. Here are ten unique wall decal placements that you may not have considered.

paper lantern stickers

1. Your can apply wall decals to paper lanterns or lamp shades. We have a number of small wall decals that would be perfect for this application, including polka dot wall decals, stars wall decals, and heart wall decals. Animals would also be a cute addition.

2. Full length mirrors and closet door mirrors make great surfaces for wall decals. Try some small flower wall decals in the corner or maybe a butterfly or a ladybug wall decal walking up the sides.

3. We've seen quite a bit of antique window decor lately. They create a lovely natural frame from for wall decals.

furniture wall decals
4. Furniture such as dressers, bookshelves, chairs, and craft tables make great places for wall decals. We think nature wall decals would be a nice choice, but any type could work since there is so much space to work with. This is also a great way to hide nicks and other imperfections on your furniture.

5. You can also put a personalized wall decal on your child's bedroom door or perhaps a little detail that matches their room decor.

6. Wall decals on the ceiling are a delightful surprise. We think raindrops and bubbles would be especially lovely soaring overhead.

ceiling wall decal stickers

7. Your refrigerator, toaster, washer and dryer—these are all fun places to personalize your home with wall decals. We think our penguin wall decals would look particularly adorable on the refrigerator.

8. Some of our smaller sets of decals would lend themselves well to gift wrapping. Our polka dot wall decals, flower wall decals, and star wall decals come with multiple tiny pieces and you could use one or two decals per package. You can also write or draw on our decals with a marker.

9. Wall decals work well on lunch boxes, and you can use our 2-inch type decals to personalize your child's lunch.

10. weeDECOR wall decals also look great in picture frames, and if you don't have any empty picture frames we also sell wall decal picture frames as well. You can purchase them with our without your family photos printed inside.

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