Toilet Paper Roll Holiday Decor

If you have kids, you likely have an excess of toilet paper rolls lying around the house. They are a favorite toy around here, second only to boxes. We've been looking for creative ways to use them, and we found all of these gorgeous holiday crafts. You can actually decorate your home with toilet paper rolls, and they look great!

It's too late to start a Christmas advent calendar, but it's not too late to make one for next year! We've seen quite a few wreaths made out of toilet paper rolls, but this one doesn't involve any cutting or bending and you can put little surprises inside. These gift boxes are beautifully made, but you can also use pieces of scrap paper to tie or glue around the center to give the natural chipboard some color. A sprig of evergreen or rosemary wrapped in string also makes a simple and fragrant addition. We also found some darling penguin ornaments. Hang them on the tree or put them on a string to make a garland for your little one's room. Here's a lovely paper crown DIY for your child. I know my daughter would enjoy finding a crown in her stocking. And if you're looking for some sparkle, we found these glittering toilet paper roll lanterns that you can hang on your Christmas tree or use as a holiday centerpiece.

Happy eco-friendly crafting!

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