Nursery Blues

There are so many beautiful blues in the world, and yet it was surprising difficult to find a solid collection of modern blue nurseries. Whether you choose cerulean, robin egg, navy, grayish blue, or bright aqua, each hue sets a different tone for your space. When choosing your nursery color, always consider the size of the room, both natural and artificial light sources, and your furniture since those are the most permanent elements. Larger spaces with a lot of natural light will allow for bolder shades, while small spaces may need something lighter to open up the space. 

1. Cerulean Blue Nursery | Sonya Yu
2. Robin Egg Blue Nursery | Style Me Pretty
3. Navy & Coral Nursery | Apartment Therapy
4. Grayish Blue Nursery | Christine Sveen
5. Aqua Nursery | Woon Blog

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