10 Chairs for Kids

Our little ones enjoy having a seat to call their own, and we're lucky to have some little chairs that have been passed down through the generations such as this metal rocker. For vintage kids chair options such as schoolhouse chairs and rattan chairs we recommend you visit your local flea market. If you don't live near a flea market, there is always Ebay and Etsy, which offer an endless supply of vintage kids chairs. Whether you're shopping for vintage or modern kids chairs, we've found 10 little chairs that would make a wonderful addition to any playroom.


1. Metal & Wood Kids Chairs | Gallivanting Girls
2. Kids Eames Rocker | Sissy + Marley
3. Mini Drawer Kids Chair | inmod
4. Kids Wood Folding Chair | Brewsters Flea Market
5. Kids Stump Stool | Kalon Studios | Sissy + Marley
6. Mini Hennie Rattan Kids Chair | Serna & Lily
7. Gold Butterfly Chair | Urban Outfitters
8. House Sitter Kids Play Chair | Land of Nod
9. Cuzco Macrame Hanging Chair | Urban Outfitters
10. Kids Adirondack Chair | Target

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