Eco-friendly Easter Wall Decals

We made some adorable Easter wall decals. Decorate your home with our spring flowers, Easter Bunny, and Easter egg wall decals. weeDECOR wall decals are durable and reusable, so you can put them up year after year. Stick the eggs along the baseboards to lead your littles to their Easter baskets.

1. Mocha Easter Bunny Wall Decal | weeDECOR
2. Natural Tree Wall Decal + Solid Easter Egg Decals | weeDECOR
3. Patterned Easter Egg Wall Decals | weeDECOR
4. White Easter Bunny & Eggs Wall Decal | weeDECOR
5. Flower Easter Egg Wall Decals | weeDECOR
6. Spring Flowers Easter Wall Mural | weeDECOR
7. Black & White Easter Egg Wall Stickers | weeDECOR


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