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These Moms go all "Owt" with weeDECOR's Adorable Owl Wall Decals! November 02 2011

Owls are fast becoming one of the latest and greatest trends in nursery decor. Not only are they simply adorable, but they also give off that peaceful vibe that all new parents are looking for when decorating their nurseries and kids' rooms. See how moms and dads are incorporating these feathered friends to create sweet, serene spaces for their little ones. [caption id="attachment_4667" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Our nature wall decal mural creates interest in a cozy corner of this nursery."]nature wall decals. nature wall stickers. owl wall decals. owl wall stickers. nursery decor[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4668" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="This mom added a special touch to her son's nursery with this personalized owl wall sticker."]owl wall decals. owl wall stickers. personalized wall decals. personalized wall stickers.[/caption] Kellen's mom is a great example of someone who went all "owt" with her nursery decor in this owl-themed room. The nature wall decal mural by the changing table is perfectly placed, allowing her little one to have something beautiful and intriguing to look at during all of those diaper changes. Two happy owls perch on graceful tree branches while some birds in flight make their way to a peaceful resting spot. There's plenty of room for all sorts of friends on that towering tree! Across the room, Kellen's mom made his space personal and unique with our personalized owl wall sticker in pale blue. The colors look absolutely gorgeous and complement the other design elements so well! Mom found the super-fun rug at www.rugsusa.com and it's only a matter of time before little Kellen starts to pitter patter from dot to dot. Mom kept the owl theme going in the crib with some adorable crib bedding by Dwell (one of our favorite designers of modern, fabulous nursery bedding). So that other areas of the room didn't feel left out, Kellen's mom added some of the pieces from the nature wall decal mural to other walls. A single, sweet bird at the end of the crib watches over little Kellen when he sleeps, and yet another uses the photo collage as a landing place. This room is such a fantastic example of a mom that uses the versatility of our designs in unexpected ways. She sticks to her chosen theme without overdoing it. Great job, mom! [caption id="attachment_4669" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="weeDECOR's wall stickers make this room twice as nice!"]personalized wall stickers. personalized wall decals, owl wall stickers, bird wall stickers[/caption] This Quebec mom embellishes her kids' walls with several different weeDECOR wall stickers, using color and birds to pull it all together. Aiden and Zachary share a room, but each sweet boy gets his own personal space thanks to the personalized dot arch wall decal over each bed. These wall stickers really make a statement and leave nothing to chance as to who sleeps where! We love how this mom incorporated birds into the room with two distinct, fabulous designs. On the left, the bird branch wall decal in yellow is a cheerful, charming addition to Zachary's side of the room. We're sure Aiden delights in gazing up at the owl branch wall decal that hangs over his bed. What an adorable, fun room! Thanks for sharing, mom! [caption id="attachment_4670" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="This mom makes Connor's space his very own with our personalized solo owl wall sticker."]owl wall sticker. owl wall decal. [/caption] The bold, bright colors of this personalized solo owl wall sticker add just the right punch of color to Connor's nursery. A sweet, solitary owl sits contentedly on the graceful arm of a tree and keeps a close eye on this baby boy. This particular design comes in several different colors so you are sure to find a good fit for your nursery. This New York City mom selected navy/pale blue...just perfect for a little boy! She further customized her design by spelling out Connor's name with our "Smiley" type style. We hope this personalized wall decal makes Connor and his parents smile right along with those letters! We love it! [caption id="attachment_4671" align="alignnone" width="479" caption="A too-cute trio of owls takes a little break."]owls wall decal. owl wall stickers. wall decor.[/caption] A Philadelphia mom found the perfect accent to her nursery with our sleeping owls wall decal. The browns and greens in this design look fantastic against the wall color. This mom used Valspar's Betsy Ross House Moss as a great neutral color for the room. The dark walnut color in Graco's Lauren Changing Table looks so rich against the muted walls. Unlike some of the other owls seen above, this group is fast asleep on a tree branch. It's hard work being so adorable! weeDECOR offers a huge variety of owl wall stickers in our collection. You'll find owls in branches, owls in trees, and all-alone owls to adorn the walls of your nursery or kid's room. If you're looking for more ideas as to how to incorporate owls into your nursery or kid's room decor, see these customer photos.

Flowers in Bloom in these Sweet Rooms October 31 2011

Beautiful blossoms abound in these sweet and sophisticated rooms. See how moms all over are accenting their nursery walls with some of our gorgeous flower wall decals. [caption id="attachment_4663" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="So sweet! The fresh, modern design of these flower wall stickers look fantastic over Charlotte's crib."]flower wall decals. flower wall stickers. nursery decor.[/caption] This Ontario mom found the perfect accent for her little's girls wall in our personalized tulip garden wall decal. The soft, muted colors look absolutely gorgeous against the delicate cream backdrop. Mom used Opal Cream by Behr to create the perfect canvas for her little girl's name. We love how the tall flower stands strong while its smaller counterpart sways in the gentle breeze. It adds such a sweet, special touch to this nursery. Mom tells us that she already has plans to display our classic flower garden wall decals once Charlotte is ready for her big-girl bed. Way to think ahead, mom! The personalized tulip garden wall decal can be arranged and rearranged any way you like. All of our wall decals are removable and reusable so you'll have unlimited attempts to get the exact effect you're looking for with our wall stickers. [caption id="attachment_4662" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Flowers and butterflies surround this wee one's name."]Flower wall sickers. flower wall decals. nursery decor.[/caption] This super-creative mom combined a few of our different designs to create one stunning visual display over her little girl's crib. She started out by using our wall decal letters in the Curly style to personalize Hope's space. From there, she embellished the name beautifully with a smattering of flower and butterfly heaven wall decals. We are so impressed with this mom's ability to mix and match our wall stickers to create a truly unique look. She colors are beautiful and we're sure her little one loves to gaze up at this special design that her mom so carefully crafted for her! [caption id="attachment_4664" align="alignnone" width="479" caption="Our classic flower garden wall sticker makes babies happy!"]flower wall stickers. flower wall decals. nursery decor. kids rooom decor.[/caption] We always love to hear from happy moms and dads who use weeDECOR's wall stickers to add that perfect touch to their nurseries and kids' rooms. We are especially thrilled to hear what your kids think about our designs. This mom tells us,  "My 3 month old baby girl loves her decals.  We put up the classic flower garden decal set when she was about 3 weeks old and for the past few weeks every time she looks at them she has a huge grin on her face!  If she is in a fussy mood I now walk her to the wall and have her look at them. We just ordered more to put above her crib." Wow! We always thought our wall stickers were cute but who knew that they had soothing potential as well? That's flower power at its finest! Moms and dads everywhere are using flowers to decorate their nurseries and kids' rooms and create serene sanctuaries for their wee one's. Look here for even more examples of fabulous floral decor.

Let's get personal with weeDECOR's wall stickers! October 23 2011

At weeDECOR, we absolutely LOVE to see our designs come to life on your walls. Some super-creative parents sent us photos of their kids' rooms that feature weeDECOR personalized wall stickers along with other adorable accents. You will be amazed by what they came up with! [caption id="attachment_4641" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="This mom used our wall letter stickers in "Smiley" to personalize this unique nursery."]name wall decal.name wall sticker.nursery wall decor[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4642" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Letter wall decals declare Nicolas' big boy bed as his very own."]name wall decals. name wall stickers. kid's room decor.[/caption] The white furniture and walls in these rooms provide the perfect canvas for the bold, colorful design elements. A Miami Mom scored the uber-contemporary furniture in Panama and Brazil and brilliantly used fun colors throughout the rooms. She personalized her boys' individual spaces with our wall letter stickers in the "Smiley" type style. The bright blue was a fantastic choice of color! It looks great with the burnt orange accents on the bedding. Our wall letter decals stand out in the room without looking over-the-top. The clean, modern design of these rooms offer a fresh interpretation of nursery and kid's room decor. This mom knows how to work with color and interesting furniture pieces while keeping things playful. The portholes in Nicolas' boat-themed room are cleverly adorned with Nemo and scuba Mickey. How cute! [caption id="attachment_4644" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="This mom used our oh-so-sweet bird branch wall sticker and wall letter decals to personalize her little girl's space."]bird wall stickers. bird wall decal. girl's room decor. [/caption] Good golly, Miss Mollie! This is one adorable room! Mollie's parents put a lot of thought into the design of their little girl's space. Mom tells us, "We decided on the purple, green and yellow theme because she was born in February and amethyst is the birthstone." Awwwwwww... Our bird branch wall sticker is an adorable addition to this room. In lovely lavender, these feathered friends perched on an elegant tree branch are keeping a close watch on little Molly. To bring a personal feel to the room, Molly's parents used our wall letter stickers in the "Modern" type style to add her name. We love how they chose the color purple. It accents the purple flowers that float around the tree branch and keeps the look from being too matchy-matchy. That kind of attention to detail is something that always "wows" us when we see your photos. You guys think of everything! [caption id="attachment_4649" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Tweet! Tweet! This personalized bird branch wall sticker looks beautiful against a creamy yellow wall."]bird wall sticker. bird wall decal. personalized wall sticker. personalized wall decal.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4650" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="We bet Danny's height is zooming right along with these cars!"]growth chart wall sticker. growth chart wall decal. kid's room decor.[/caption] A Cincinnati mom wanted to add a personal touch to each of her kids' rooms using wall decals from weeDECOR. For Lexy, she chose the personalized bird branch wall decal. The cheerful birds flutter about Lexy's name and look down at that adorable photo collage. A baby that beautiful deserves beautiful wall decor! We think this mom picked the perfect color for the personalized bird branch wall sticker. The soft, muted tones create a peaceful, serene feel in her little girl's room. Over in Danny's room, things are a little bit rowdier! Are these wall decal choices indicative of your kids' personalities, Mom? Our car wall sticker growth chart is full of action as cars, trucks and buses zoom up and down a busy street. Danny's height is only going one way, as you can see by the clever placement of the road signs that mark his height at ages one and two. Over four inches in one year? You must have a good eater on your hands, Mom! A huge THANK YOU to all the moms and dads out there that sent in photos of your fabulous kids' rooms and nurseries! You never cease to amaze us with your fun and unique decor. We are honored to be a part of these fabulous spaces. Keep the pictures coming!

Fabulously Fun weeDECOR Animals in Baby Abigail's Nursery February 10 2011 1 Comment

[caption id="attachment_3909" align="alignnone" width="503" caption="Nature Themed Wall Decals from weeDECOR"]Nature Themed Wall Decals from weeDECOR[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3910" align="alignnone" width="492" caption="Butterfly and Bird Wall Decals by weeDECOR"]Butterfly and Bird Wall Decals by weeDECOR[/caption] Baby Abigail from Massachusetts is a lucky little girl. Mom used our wall decals to decorate her animal themed nursery. Using a combination of pinks, purples, yellows, and greens and a wide variety of animal motifs, mom designed a fabulously fun baby girl nursery. We love how the blue painted walls envelop her baby's room like a sky at dusk. Mom purchased many of our wall decals including our large classic tree wall decal in brown which she embellished with our pink polka dot owl wall decal and our green boy owl wall decal. She included a bright pink giraffe wall decal at the foot of the tree. Note above the glider sits our bird on a branch wall decal in bright pink. We bet those two little birds smile sweetly down at mom while she's nursing baby Abigail. Over her changing table, mom decorated with our heart butterflies in pink and purple and our polka dot butterflies in yellow and green. So cute! She placed sweet flying bird wall decals above the crib in yellow, lavender, and bright pink. They look so sweet flying through the sky. Mom's animal themed baby bedding and changing table cover is called "Morning Zoo" from Land of Nod and features pink and green elephants, hippos, alligators, giraffes, and birds. The crib bedding set also comes in a pretty blue and green. Thanks, mom, for sending your nursery photos to weeDECOR. For more nursery decorating ideas with weeDECOR wall decals, see our other customer photos.

A Cute Two-Toned Painted Yellow & Pink Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals December 11 2010

[caption id="attachment_3780" align="alignnone" width="368" caption="Pink Yellow, & Green Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals"]Pink Yellow, & Green Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3781" align="alignnone" width="256" caption="Tuilp & Bird Wall Decals on Bright Pink Painted Baby Room Wall"]Tuilp & Bird Wall Decals on Bright Pink Painted Baby Room Wall[/caption] Check out this lovely two-toned painted pink and yellow nursery decorated by a weeDECOR customer from Raleigh, NC. While we love our how this mom used our nursery wall decals, we were particularly struck by her two-toned painted walls in the baby’s room. Note how she uses a pale yellow paint as her primary color. The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Lemon Meringue. Then, she painted her accent wall in bright pink called Crushed Berries, also by Benjamin Moore. This pink and yellow color combination is ingenious because it makes both colors brighter and brings more visual interest to the baby’s room. Your eye can’t help but be drawn to the color in a “yin and yang” sort of way. Mom used our gorgeous modern flower wall decal mural to decorate her baby girl’s room. The decal set comes with tulip wall decals, sunflower wall decals, and butterfly and bird wall decals. Her cute pink and green hanging crib mobileis called JuicyFruit and is from TrendLab. Precious little watermelons and strawberries with percale and paisley striped twill dangle just beyond baby’s reach. The white crib helps make the room feel light and airy and the wall decals add the playfulness and whimsy. Thanks, mom, for sending us photos of your wall decals. See our other customer photos for ideas on decorating a nursery with wall decals. Also, see our other articles for: The best yellow paint for your nursery Two-toned painted pink painted baby room walls Decorating a nursery in pink

A Seattle Surprise! Our Nature Wall Decal Mural with Dad's Artistic Touch November 18 2010

[caption id="attachment_3681" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="weeDECOR Nature Wall Decal Mural & Wall Art by Dad"]Nature Wall Decals. nature wall stickers. tree wall decals. owl wall decals[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3684" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="weeDECOR Standing Bird Wall Decals in Yellow"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_3682" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="A Gender Neutral Nursery with Hand Painted Wall Art by Dad"]A Gender Neutral Nursery with a Navy Blue Glider & Wall Art by Dad[/caption] We’re not sure who is going to be more surprised - this Seattle mom and dad when they find out the gender of their little one or their soon-to-be baby when baby sees her fabulously decorated nature themed nursery complete with dad's artistic touch. Who do you think? Mom tells weeDECOR, “We love the weeDECOR nature wall mural in bright green and yellow". As always, we were delighted that our wall decals helped mom and dad with their nursery decorating and are honored to share artistic wall space with dad. Want this look? Soon-to-be mom gave us lots of detail on how she and dad decorated their baby’s room to serve as inspiration for your own nursery design. Since baby’s gender was going to be a surprise, mom and dad wanted to keep the room gender neutral, yet incorporate bright and bold colors for a clean, modern look. They purchased the “Alex” baby bedding set from Serena & Lily in white, lime green, and navy blue and coordinated with a navy glider from Best. Mom & dad tell us they like the eclectic look and found their crib and changing table at a consignment store (They also like “keeping it green” by giving beautiful furniture a new life). They added a shearling rug under the changing table for added texture and a plush surface more pleasing to the feet. The white dresser is a simple and stylish piece from Ikea. When it came to applying her wall decals, mom explained, "We have high ceilings in the baby’s room so we placed the tree “growing” out of the changing table and the birds soaring up the wall so baby has a lovely distraction during diaper time.  We stuck the standing bird wall decals near the ground where play time will be as he or she grows. The owls in the mural are perfectly playful and cheerful – such a smart look for a babies’ room!” To put the finishing touches on their nursery's wall decor, dad hand painted the watermelon and carrot pop wall art for a unique look and in hopes of inspiring baby to share her parents’ love for food. We’re guessing that won’t be a problem :) Thanks so much, mom and dad, for sharing your photos! See our other customer photos and our selection of baby room wall decals for more decorating ideas for a nature themed nursery.

NYC Mom Decorates a Nature Nursery w/ Birds, Trees, & Monkeys w/ weeDECOR Wall Decals September 29 2010

[caption id="attachment_3527" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="weeDECOR's Removable Tree Wall Decal in William's Nursery"]Removable Tree Wall Decal in a Baby Nursery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3528" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="weeDECOR's Personalized Premium Hanging Monkey Wall Decal "]weeDECOR's Personalized Premium Hanging Monkey Wall Decal or monkey wall sticker for a baby room[/caption] Baby William is a lucky little boy! He gets to sleep in this darling baby blue, nature themed nursery with a happy monkey hanging from his wall. How fun! This NYC mom ordered some of our wall decals for the nursery and tells weeDECOR, “Attached please find photos of our nursery using your fabulous wall decals. We are thrilled by how it turned out!  We hope these are useful to other customers.” We think they look fabulous, too! To decorate his nursery, Mom first painted his room with Benjamin Moore’s Little Boy Blue paint. She then adorned his walls with weeDECOR’s classic tree wall decal in brown with bird wall decals in yellow. She placed them above the crib which gives the illusion of baby William sleeping under a cozy tree. For baby bedding, mom chose a set from Babies R Us featuring lions, monkeys, giraffes, palm trees to add color and even more happy creatures to the mix. Over the changing table area, mom applied our premium personalized monkey wall decal spelling “William” with our modern wall decal letters.  We’re pretty certain that cute hanging monkey will keep baby William entertained for at least 30 seconds during a diaper change ;) Thanks, mom, for sending over your photos.  We’re so glad you like our wall decals! See other nurseries decorated with our wall decals for more baby room decorating ideas.

An On-Top-of-It Connecticut Mom's Warm, Butter Yellow & Pink Nursery September 03 2010

[caption id="attachment_3470" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Pale Pink & Butter Yellow Connecticut Baby Nursery "]Pale Pink & Butter Yellow Connecticut Baby Nursery [/caption] [caption id="attachment_3471" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="weeDECOR Tree Wall Decal with Pink Birds & Owls"]weeDECOR reusable and removable Tree Wall Decal with Pink Bird wall decals & Owl wall decal[/caption] This Connecticut mom had it all together just in time for the arrival of her baby girl barely a week ago (August 27th). Congratulations on your little one’s arrival, mom! We were so excited to help her put the finishing touches on her baby’s nursery with our nature wall mural decal in pale pink. She tells weeDECOR, “You can see how nicely the tree and birds coordinate with our nursery. It really looks perfect! We love the decals and we're already getting so many compliments on them!” One of our most popular items, our nature wall mural comes with our classic tree wall decal in mocha and several embellishments to create a sweet and serene scene.  Pink owls that hoot and baby pink birds that chirp (OK, you might need your imagination for that) add those touches of fun we seek. For the rest of her baby girl’s room, this CT mom used “Moonlight” by Benjamin Moore as her warm, buttery yellow wall paint. We love the coziness that brings to the room! Her pink and yellow crib bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and is the “Kelsey” set. She purchased her coordinating pink rug from HomeGoods and added other touches such as the light pink valences, a comfy-looking, light brown nursing chair and ottoman, and a perfectly pink piggy bank. Mom tells us, “We love how it all came together!” We do, too! Big thanks to mom for sending in her photos and sharing her decorating style with weeDECOR.

A Pennsylvania Mom is Keen on Our Yellow Nature Scene Wall Decals July 22 2010

[caption id="attachment_3362" align="alignnone" width="384" caption="Nature Scene Wall Decal Mural in Yellow"]Nature Scene Wall Decal Mural in Yellow. large removable tree wall decal. yellow owl wall decal. yellow bird wall decal[/caption] This Pennsylvania mom purchased our nature scene wall decals in yellow to match her little boy’s brown, yellow, and green nursery and we wanted to share her comments with you. She tells weeDECOR, “I love the decals! They went on so easy! They are of very good quality and very smooth. I was worried about putting them up myself, but I was able to put them on the wall all by myself and it only took less than a half hour. Thank you for everything! And I would highly recommend your company to any friend who was looking for wall decals!” We love how the green and yellow owls peer over baby Oliver’s crib and how the bird wall decals stand perched on his crib. It is so cute and natural to have these baby birdies there to sing Oliver to sleep. Mom selected our apple green wall decal letters in modern type style to personalize her nursery. We love how she placed her wall letters right under the large tree wall decal. Just darling! We are glad our decals match so nicely with her sweet yellow and green striped and polka dotted motif. Thanks, PA mom, for sharing your photo. We are sure Oliver is loving his new nursery!