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Pretty Pink Fabrics for the Nursery June 08 2013

weeDECOR designer Stacy Iest Hsu is known not only for the fabulous designs she's created for weeDECOR wall decals, but for her fabric designs as well. See her collection on Spoonflower to see more of her inspiring collection. We've chosen a few of our favorites to feature in our pretty pink nursery fabric post which we think you will agree is well beyond the traditional pretty in pink baby room look. patchwork_play We love this festive pink pattern, particularly whimiscal pink pattern for a throw pillow or quilt blocks. Celery green, watermelon pink, pale pink, peach, and grey create a collage of colors that can add delight to a nursery with any of the aforementioned base colors. For example, if you paint your walls pale pink, this pattern could bring a burst of color to the room. Likewise, if you paint it light grey, you'll see similar results. field_o_flowers_gray Grey is the new brown when it comes to pairing pink with a neutral color in your baby girl's nursery. This grey fabric with pink and white flowers can bring a more classic feel to a modern grey. We can envision this fabric This_little_piggy If playful is your style, this little piggy nursery fabric is too cute to pass up if you are decorating a piglet themed baby nursery. Details such as a helicopter hat for the little boy pig, a mommy pig pushing a baby piglet in a vintage baby stroller, and a girl pig holding a green umbrella are too cute to pass up. funny_bunny_love_pom_pom_pink Inspired by pom poms, this precious pastel pink and white pattern of dots and heart pom poms called Funny Bunny Pom Pom Pink will make any little girl's heart sing. We like this pattern for baby bedding for a traditional girl's nursery accented with white ribbons For more ideas on decorating your nursery with cute fabrics, see our other articles: Cute Safari Baby Room Fabrics and More Nature Themed Nursery Fabrics Bird Themed Baby Room Fabrics

Pretty Aqua Baby Rooms - a Modern Take on Traditional Blue June 05 2013

We couldn't help but notice a trend in aqua baby rooms. Bright and cheery, aqua can serve as a neutral color as it can handle many accent colors. See some gorgeous aqua nurseries we have found below. [caption id="attachment_5011" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Aqua and Pink Baby Nursery"]Aqua and Pink Baby Nursery[/caption] This aqua and pink baby nursery was designed by Mama Souter for her baby girl, Harper.  Mama Souter said she wanted, a "sweet girly vintage feel with a few modern touches". What a success! The frilly crib skirt with the vintage birds on the crib bumper are darling and were sewed by her mother-in-law. Her husband painted the tree mural peeking out in the corner of the photo. We love the texture of her bubble gum pink colored rug from Pottery Barn Kids. Note the shade of aqua paint on the walls is on the green side of aqua which lends itself to a minty-fresh look. Yummy! [caption id="attachment_5012" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="Aqua and Yellow Baby Nursery"]Aqua and Yellow Baby Nursery[/caption] For a more gender neutral feel, see this aqua and yellow baby room by Susan Weinroth. Bright and bold, we love the two-toned turquoise walls that show off a deep aqua on the bottom half and a lighter shade of aqua paint of the top half to better reflect the light in the room. We are also fans of the giraffe lamp with a bold yellow lampshade. [caption id="attachment_5013" align="aligncenter" width="397" caption="Aqua and White Nursery"]Aqua and White Nursery[/caption] Back to the girly-girl baby room look, this pristine aqua and white nursery, close to a Tiffany blue, incorporates different patterns to add depth and dimension. Aqua and white polka dots, zig zaps, and fun alphabet wallpaper bring the "wow" to this nursery. This nursery, shown in vintage style, can easily be made to look more modern with modern furniture and other modern baby room decor elements. [caption id="attachment_5014" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="Aqua and Orange Nursery Decor"]Aqua and Orange Nursery Decor[/caption] Speaking of modern nursery decor, an aqua and orange nursery is a great way to go all out modern. See Cate Create designed her son Sawyer's nursery in teal and orange with a woodsy theme featuring owls, squirrels, and deer. She made the mobile herself by cutting out leaves and stringing them together like garland. She hand-stamped the nursery pillows, framed the animal silhouettes, and made the owl pillow out of a towel and scrap fabric - a great DIY nursery! For other aqua nursery decorating ideas, see our other articles on: A Fabulously Modern Aqua and Orange Nursery with weeDECOR Nursery Wall Decals A Giraffe Themed Aqua and Orange Nursery Aqua Colored Cribs

We go Bah-Bah over Sheep Nursery Décor April 19 2013

One of the sweetest classic themes in nursery décor is the quintessential little lamb. So classic. So perfect for your little one. We just couldn’t help taking notice of so many beautiful baby nurseries incorporating this theme! Aside from being simple and sweet, we appreciate the gender and color neutrality the sheep design element brings to a baby’s room. Since most sheep come in white, you can add almost any accent color of your liking. For example, see this lovely grey and white sheep themed nursery designed for Charlotte in Austin, TX. The rich, elegant furnishings from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child bring a classic touch to a relatively modern color scheme. For a bolder look, consider black and white sheep décor as highlighted by Joni Lay on BHG.com. Bold, black accents such as the lamp and dresser shown in this inspiration board can make quite an impact. And, babies are attracted to high contrast colors which make this nursery that much more attractive. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Baa Baa Black Sheep - Better Homes & Gardens"]black sheep nursery[/caption] For a softer, more classic look, see how entertaining and lifestyle expert Jenny Steffens Hobick used pale blue and classic lamb décor from Pottery Barn Kids to decorate her lamb themed baby room. We especially like the lamb rocker—just darling! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="483" caption="Emma's Nursery - Jenny Steffens Hobick"]lamb nursery[/caption] And, weeDECOR has several sheep wall decal designs to help augment your nursery décor. Our jumping sheep wall decal has three little sheep jumping over fences onto blades of grass. We also have a personalized sheep decal to make your baby’s nursery feel even more unique. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Lamb Wall Decal - weeDECOR"]sheep nursery[/caption]

Just Discovered! Little Auggie for a Fresh Modern Nursery Look March 12 2013

We just discovered Little Auggie and had to share. Little Auggie is the creation of Toronto sisters Genevieve and Cristina. Genevieve is the creative genius behind the illustrations while Cristina is the brains behind the business. What a great combo this makes! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="Pony Love Nursery - Little Auggie"]pony nursery[/caption] We were struck by the simplicity of Little Auggie’s designs which pack such a powerful punch. Their take on a baby boy nursery blue is a bright pale blue bordering on aqua in a collection aptly named “Felix” for the cute little puppies sprinkled on the linens. Natasha is their take on girl’s nursery bedding as they boldly proclaim lilac as the “new pink”. The yellow and grey accents also add a touch of modern to the design. And, their matryoshka doll illustration is a nice change from traditional butterflies, flowers, and birds that you see in many girl bedding designs. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="514" caption="Natasha Crib Sheet - Little Auggie"]matryoshka nursery[/caption] Little Auggie carries toddler bedding as well as layette sets and sleep sacks with the same fresh, modern look. And, they even have an adult line of bedding incorporating many of the modern design principles in their baby and kids line. See their quilts, pillows, and sheets if you’re looking to freshen up your bedroom. What’s more, Little Auggie’s products are made of luxurious 200 percale colorfast cotton in India. For other modern bedding ideas for your baby boy or girl, see our articles on: Bringing the Chic with Chevron Organic Bedding by Honeyami Bold Designs and Patterned Baby Bedding by Skip Hop

Bring the Chic with Chevron in your Baby Nursery January 26 2012 1 Comment

I think we owe Missoni and Target a big "Thank You" for reminding all of us about the fabulousness that chevron has to offer in attire and decor. A little bold, a little zany, and totally unexpected, this print is popping up here, there, and everywhere thanks to a popularity boost of late. We've found some cute and creative ideas for moms and dads who wish to indulge in this latest trend. [caption id="attachment_4763" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Of-the-moment color combination plus of-the-moment print = one gorgeous nursery"]chevron.nursery.wall[/caption] Let's start with the walls, shall we? Two great trends come together in this gorgeous nursery. The choice of grey and white for the walls somehow manages to make the chevron print look more understated because it allows the yellow to truly stand out. We love that this mom and dad decided to go chevron on one wall only. It keeps the project manageable it you're a do-it-yourselfer. There is something about that buttery yellow that softens the crisp lines of the chevron print. We're swooning over here! [caption id="attachment_4764" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Chevron in the Crib"]crib bedding.chevron.yellow.grey[/caption] Here is another great example of a grey/yellow/white that incorporates chevron prints. This look is slightly more subtle, as the bold print is kept to the bedding only and the rest of the decor is clean and simple. The crib becomes a stunning focal point of this room, and it certainly deserves the spotlight! This crib bedding by Carousel Designs is absolutely adorable, and the trim on the crib skirt is the icing on the cake. [caption id="attachment_4765" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Chevron is the perfect backdrop for these cute critters."]chevron.nursery.wall decor[/caption] Thinking of an animal-themed nursery? This wall decor we found on Etsy would make such a fabulous addition to your wee one's room. Cute little critters seem to leap from a chevron background, and the color combinations are just perfect. Lined up above the crib, what baby wouldn't want to gaze up at these fun prints? This is an easy, affordable way to add chevron to your nursery. [caption id="attachment_4766" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Make a statement with a chevron rug"]Chevron rug.nursery decor[/caption] Can't forget the floors, can we? If you're looking to add some drama to your nursery or kid's room, this fun and funky rug might be the perfect find for you! The colors in this room are absolutely stunning. Who would have ever thought that a palette of turquoise, green, black, and white would produce such gorgeous results? The modern feel of the design elements here is the thread that ties all of the pieces together, and no individual piece seems to scream, "Look at me!"  This room is the embodiment of harmonious design. [caption id="attachment_4767" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Interesting colors, interesting prints"]chevron.nursery.rug[/caption] Here is another fabulous example of a unique color combination coupled with beautiful prints. This mom and dad opted for a kinder, gentler chevron rug. White and pale aqua take turns making their way from top to bottom and the overall look is borderline subtle. Toss is some bright, contrasting colors via linens and wall decor and you have an amazing nursery that has it all! Love this! [caption id="attachment_4768" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Outfit your wee one in chevron."]chevron.baby.clothes[/caption] Still hesitant about chevron? We know, we know. It's bold, it can be wild, it's not for everyone. If you can't commit to the use of chevron in your nursery decor, how about a sleeper? Your little one will look absolutely fabulous in this chevron one-piece. Still not sold on chevron after a month or two? No worries, your baby will outgrow it before you can possibly tire of such a fun print. We have so many ideas of both contemporary and traditional nursery decor on our blog. If you are looking for fabulous wall decals to accent the walls of your nursery or kid's room, heck out all that weeDECOR has to offer. For even more design inspiration, visit our Pinterest boards and prepare to be overloaded with fabulous ideas for your nursery or kid's room.

weeDECOR Fans Tell Us Their Favorite Design Sites November 06 2011 2 Comments

weeDECOR fans are some of the most stylish and creative moms around! We are always in awe of your ability to create fabulous nurseries and kids' rooms using our wall decals and design elements from all over. We recently polled weeDECOR's Facebook friends and fans to find the best blogs in the webosphere for design inspiration and products. The possibilities are endless, but let's face it. Who has time to scour page after page of Google results to find the cream of the crop for design-based websites? weeDECOR has you covered for the wall decor, but what about the paint color, floors, windows, bedding, and furniture? With the help of our fabulous friends and fans, we've compiled a list of some of the most useful and unique spots that are full of tips, inspiration, and everything else you need to create the most amazing space for your wee one. Bakerella: Cuteness abounds in this baking/cooking blog that features incredibly detailed sweets and treats. Houzz: This blog offers a huge collection of decorating ideas for every corner of your home, inside and out. How Does She?: For those who may be craftily-challenged, this blog offers super-simple crafts, tutorials, and family fun ideas that make beauty and whimsy accessible to everyone. The Real Life Mom: This savvy mom will help you save money with her fantastic collection of cost-friendly recipes, crafts, couponing tips, and more. Cheap and Chic Nursery: There is so much inspiration to be found in this blog that features budget-friendly decorating ideas for nurseries and kids' rooms. Apartment Therapy and Ohdeedoh: A cult following has developed for Apartment Therapy, a site that delivers on its promise of "saving the world, one room at a time." You'll find an abundance of resources needed to create beauty and organization in your home. Ohdeedoh is the section of the design blog that pertains to kids' rooms and presents a huge variety of tips, products, and inspiration. The Crafty Nest: Lots of simple, yet adorable craft ideas can be found here. You'll also find recipes and lots of ideas for holiday decor. Material Girls: The finds on this blog are beyond chic and totally unique. You could spend hours pouring through all of the most recent trends in design and decor. Lay Baby Lay: The homage to Bob Dylan in the title of this blog is enough to peak our curiosity. This blogger has a knack for piecing together finds from all over the web to create inspirational kids' rooms that feature glorious color combinations. Homespun With Love: This mom/daughter duo get creative with dollar store and thrift store finds to make the most out of their design dollars. Little Green Notebook: This blogger developed a passion for design at a young age and it shows. Her DIY projects created such a fan base that she launched her own decorating business. Craft Gossip: The cutest handmade gift ideas can be found here along with crafts for kids and adults. Project Nursery: This blog is loaded with almost everything you need to put together a fabulous nursery. You will be blown away by the photo submissions! The Decorologist: This blogger specializes in finding unique, personal touches that help you reflect your own taste in every room in your home. Nesting Place: This blogger has an uncanny ability to find inexpensive items and gussy them up. She understands the need for living spaces to be beautiful and liveable...simultaneously. Rambling Renovators: Follow this Toronto couple as they renovate and decorate their home and raise a baby girl along the way. Cool Mom Picks: A shopping blog the delivers the hippest, hottest products to keep you out of mom jeans and into the latest trends in clothing, furniture, books, and just about everything. Shanty 2 Chic: These budget-conscious sisters are the queens of transforming everyday items into extraordinary treasures with the creative use of paint, fabric, and more. E Tells Tales: This do-it-yourselfer has adorable ideas for home decor that are unique, special, and almost always unpredictable. Hi Sugar Plum!: DIY design, fashion, and travel are the topic trifecta for this blog. You'll be inspired by the vast array of tutorials, fashion finds, and more. For more inspiration, see our customer photos. You will be amazed at what clever moms and dads across the country come up with when creating spaces for their little ones.

More Cute Nursery Fabric Finds for Our DIY Moms May 09 2011

Animalla Squares pink swirl ABC Baby - Brown/Pink ABC Baby Coordinate - Elephant, scattered blue For DIY moms who prefer to give their baby nursery a unique touch with creativity and attitude, here’s another amazing selection of cute nursery fabrics for do-it-yourself baby room accessories such as pillowcases, comforters and more for your kid’s room. From designers at fabric marketplace Spoonflower, these fabrics for a baby's room are sure to make you and your little one smile. Immerse your kid in a jungle full of animals with Star Primm’s Animalla Squares safari fabric. We love the vibrant colors and modern style of these jungle animals. This safari themed fabric can easily give your baby’s room that lively boost it needs. This fabric also coordinates nicely with our best selling jungle wall decals featuring cute elephants, lions, giraffes and hippos if you’re planning to pursue that jungle look. Another great fabric pattern for creating a safari themed room is this elephant animal fabric by Drea Roman or "Ttoz". Part of her ABC baby collection, this pattern of little cuddly teal and white elephants would make for some delightful throw pillows. Another good find by Drea Roman is her ABC baby alphabet themed fabric. If you are a DIY mom who loves the idea of early education, this is the perfect fabric for you! It playfully features stylish images of cars, trains, elephants, whales, and monkeys, together with the letters of the alphabet. If you are designing a whimsical pink baby girl’s room, you might want to check out Anda Lewis Corrie’s sophisticated pink swirl fabric design. This dainty shade of light pink is perfect for baby girl rooms. We love the idea of pairing this pattern with our adorable pink hot air balloon wall decal mural to give your baby girl's room a fresh and breezy feel as clouds float onto the horizon. You could also mix and match our other wall decals with this pink swirl fabric like our flower wall decals and tree wall decals with birds and owls. For more cute fabric for your kid's room, see our other articles for: Gorgeous decorative fabrics for a baby nursery Nature themed fabrics for a baby room

Design with Texture to Bring More "Feeling" to your Child's Room March 23 2010

[caption id="attachment_2218" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Textured Pink Girls Rose Bedding, Pillow, & Curtains"]Textured Pink Girl's Rose Bedding, Pillow, & Curtains[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2219" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Baby Blue Shag Rug for Texture in a Boy's Nursery"]Baby Blue Shag Rug for Texture in a Boy's Nursery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2220" align="aligncenter" width="241" caption="Teal & Lavender Textured Throw Pillows for a Girl's Room"]Teal & Lavender Textured Throw Pillows for a Girl's Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2221" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pink Camel Vinyl Pouf for Shine & Texture in a Kid's Room"]Pink Camel Vinyl Pouf for Shine & Texture in a Kid's Room[/caption]

When decorating a kid’s room, we often focus on color as a way to bring the room to life.  Not a bad thing, but let’s not miss out on the vibrancy decorating with texture can bring to a baby nursery or child’s room. Not only does texture bring that extra piece of visual dimension to your baby room decor, but it can be a fun and educational way to help your baby explore her world.

We love this textured pink bedding with fabric roses and ruffles from Land of Nod. The matching textured pillow and curtainsare used creatively and beautifully. It’s amazing how impactful a ruffle or two can be in bringing a whole new dimension to the fabrics and the room.

If you can't find bedding, try throw pillows. Remember this gorgeous handmade textured throw pillow by Decorati Designer Studio Raynaud Interiors? It is the highlight of the bedding with its powerful punch.

Another easy way to add texture is through floor rugs. Think soft and fluffy like this pale blue shag rug.  A beautiful color with a texture that pleases the eye and the little toes that walk across it. These rugs are not hard to find and come in soft colors like white, pink, and blue.  For the eco-friendly, green nursery consider going au natural with sisal and sea grass floor rugs. Great if you are seeking a neutral color, these rugs tend to be kind on the wallet.

Finally, these vinyl poufs from Zid Zid kids are cute, cuddly, and have a bit of a shine, another way to add visual texture to your child’s room.

See our other articles for more inspiring baby room ideas from other Decorati interior designers and more great texture like artisan wall panels from Zid Zid Kids or our fabric wall decals.

DIY with Gorgeous Nursery & Kid's Room Decorative Fabrics February 06 2010

You are My Sunshine Birds on a wire Spot the Bug Happy There’s a lot of snow out there for some of you making a true DIY at-home project very appealing right now. Spoonflower, the design-your-own-fabric website, just announced the winners of its children’s fabrics contest and there are some fabulous designs if you are looking for a more customized look for your nursery or kid’s room.  Use these one-of-a-find fabrics for throw pillows or upholstery for your glider, baby quilts for your crib, curtains for the nursery, and more. Find the top ten list in its entirety or take a peek at a few of our favorites above. We love this darling “You are My Sunshine” nursery-friendly tree and bird fabric by Emily Burger who creates children’s wall prints for nursery decor.  Her dainty blue and pink birds and modern green trees on a white fabric are fresh and fun. This fabric would be beautiful used in a baby’s nursery. To stick with bird themed décor but with a little more punch to your nursery, Yvonne Herbst’s “Bird on Wire” fabric in bright pink, orange, and green is delightful.  Cute birds look at one another perched on a wire.  Given the feminine-tilt of the color palette, this fabric is probably best used in a girl’s room. Alex Morgan’s ladybug-patterned children’s fabric called “Spot the Bug” also brings a punch with its red, blue, orange, and purple palette.  Ladybugs are a popular decorative element in today’s nursery and kid’s room decorating and this punchy palette is a nice way to use the ladybug with a modern, decorative flair.  This fabric would work nicely in a girl’s room or a modern girl’s baby nursery. Finally, we love the regal feeling of this vibrant chocolate brown animal print with blue whales, gold elephants, and green birds.  Great for decorating a boy’s or girl’s room, we love the unique way designer Mary Brewer used flowers for the animals eyes, to add décor to the whales spouting water, and to create ends to the little music notes.  Precious! These decorative fabrics really are a creative (or snowed in) mom’s dream. See our other articles for more customizable, beautiful nursery decorating fabrics from Spoonflower designers, Project Runway favorite Mood Fabrics, and newcomer Rooms by You.