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Not by Land, but by Sea with Under the Sea Wall Decals June 13 2013

If you have the beach on your mind, check out these gorgeous under the sea themed baby nurseries featuring weeDECOR's Under the Sea wall decal collection. Though we may be biased, these cute sea creatures bring such life to these nurseries that you can't help but make you smile. [caption id="attachment_5028" align="aligncenter" width="518" caption="Under the Sea Wall Mural Decals from weeDECOR"]Under the Sea Wall Mural Decals[/caption] Bria's nursery is perfectly pretty in pink featuring our octopus wall decal, our sea turtle wall decal, fish wall decals, and mama and baby whale wall decals. We're also loving that precious sea turtle pillow accenting the nursing rocker and the bright pink curtains adorning the window. Bria Grace is spelled with our smiley wall decal letters to add that personal touch to this baby girl ocean themed nursery. [caption id="attachment_5029" align="aligncenter" width="518" caption="Under the Sea Wall Decal Mural from weeDECOR"]Under the Sea Wall Decal Mural from weeDECOR[/caption] Baby boy Sam also has a fabulous ocean themed baby room. Bold navy blues, bright greens, and fresh orange and yellow pop off the light blue painted walls above the white wainscoting. The drapery is also fabulous in this room as sea creatures dance across the top on a valence. And, note the whale wall decal on top of the white toy box - extra cute! Sam's room is adorned with weeDECOR's Under the Sea Wall Decal Mural featuring all of your favorite sea critters that can be arranged on the wall to your liking. Sam's mom tells us, "We love your decals. This is the second time I have used them and I will definitely use them again!". We are so glad! For more ideas on decorating an under the sea themed baby room, see our other articles on: Nautical Themed Baby Room Decorating Ideas A Stylish Fish Themed Nursery Ocean and Fish Nursery Wall Decor

Decorate a Playful & Stylish Fish Themed Nursery June 04 2012 1 Comment

[caption id="attachment_4891" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="A Modern Ocean Themed Baby Nursery in Pale Aqua Blue"]Ocean Themed Baby Nursery, sea themed nursery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4892" align="alignnone" width="393" caption="A Modern Fish Themed Nursery in Varying Shades of Blue"]A Modern Fish Themed Nursery in Varying Shades of Blue[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4893" align="alignnone" width="476" caption="Contemporary Fish Nursery Wall Decor in Green and White"]Contemporary Fish Nursery Wall Decor in Green and White[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4894" align="alignnone" width="462" caption="Personalized Fish Wall Decal by weeDECOR"]Personalized Fish Wall Decal by weeDECOR. personalized fish wall sticker. baby name fish wall decor. [/caption] [caption id="attachment_4898" align="alignnone" width="462" caption="Fish Mural Wall Decals by weeDECOR"]Fish Mural Wall Decals by weeDECOR[/caption] A fish baby nursery theme can be both playful and stylish when using the right amount and kind of decorative fish elements. We've found a few inspiring fish baby rooms that make us smile and think they'll make you smile, too! The first fish themed nursery from Becoming Mom pulls together a gorgeous color combination of pale aqua blue, mild taupe, and white to make you feel as if you are right by the ocean. We love the clever fish themed accents that are not over the top but include subtle touches like starfish themed bedding and lighting as well as a precious seal mobile. This modern look is perfect for a neutral nursery. The second fish nursery, designed by Paige Rein, incorporates a bolder color scheme of navy and aqua blues and makes you feel as if you're surrounded by a school of friendly fish. We love the striped rug and structured rocker which bring some balance to the soft lines of the fish. Finally, the third gender neutral fish nursery is embellished with larger than life fish in bright green and grey fish wall decals to create a the illusion that you are actually swimming with the fish under the sea. Not sure you can pull off these looks by yourself? weeDECOR can help. We have designed a line of playful yet modern fish wall decals that will bring your fish themed baby room to life. Choose from a selection of individual fish or a fish wall decal mural with ocean accents such as sea shells and sea plants. You can even personalize your baby's little virtual aquarium with our personalized fish wall decal. Don't see a color you like? Don't worry! Contact us and let us know your color requests. See our other articles on more themed nursery ideas such as: Decorating Ocean Themed Rooms Decorating Boy's Rooms with Ocean Decor

Fun Fish Wall Stickers for an Under the Sea Nursery October 07 2009

Under the the Sea Ocean Wall Sticker Mural
Under the the Sea Ocean Wall Sticker Mural
Kids love fish and there is no better way to capture their delight every day than with an easy, under the sea themed nursery wall mural using fish wall stickers.  Create a soothing and undulating ocean scene for your wee one with not too much work. This wall sticker set from Fun Rooms for Kids can be used to create your own ocean wall mural.  Start by using a pale blue or a pretty sea green wall paint to create the ocean look.  Be sure to consider low VOC paints for your kid's room which are more eco-friendly and produce fewer fumes.  To get the waves undulating just right, cut out soft curves from the bottom of a thick piece of paper (where the paper is at least 1 foot high) and tape it right above where you want the top of your ocean to be.  Experiment with whether you want "sea level" to be closer to eye level for your wee one or a bit higher.  Paint along the edges of the taped paper using it like a wall stencil to get that soft wave look. Be sure to wait two weeks before applying the wall decals as most require a completely dry wall to ensure they won't damage the wall paint. After the paint is dry, arrange the colorful fish wall stickers and accompanying shark, bubbles, starfish, eels, seahorses, and other sea creatures to your liking.  The wall sticker set featured is currently on sale (yay!) at Amazon for $55.  It includes 54 vinyl wall stickers that are removable and repositionable and use a broad color palette of light blue, medium blue, sage green, lavender, orange, and yellow.    See our other wall sticker ideas for more easy wall murals.