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Watch Them Grow Before Your Very Eyes with Growth Chart Wall Decals December 23 2011 1 Comment

When it comes to the monitoring of your children's growth, you have a couple of options. You can tear through your filing cabinet that holds all of those reports from the well checks (no fun at all), or you can incorporate a fabulous design element into your child's bedroom using weeDECOR's growth chart wall decals (lots of fun!). [caption id="attachment_4735" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Can you believe that one day, your little one will tower just as high as this giraffe?"]giraffe growth chart wall decal[/caption] Your little man will absolutely love to have this giraffe growth chart wall decal in his room! At 73 inches high, this gentle giant is impressive in both size and cuteness. We think this design would be a fabulous focal point in an animal-themed kid's room or nursery. We offer this growth chart wall decal in brown, mocha and orange so you are certain to find the right color to perfectly accent the room. Imagine the fun you'll have as you track your wee one's growth over the years! Our wall decals are removable and reusable, so even if your little one switches rooms throughout the years, this growth chart wall sticker can move right along with him! [caption id="attachment_4736" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Form meets function in this gorgeous tree wall decal growth chart."]Tree Wall Decal Growth Chart[/caption] An Illinois mom found a great way to adorn her daughter's wall with a design element that is both beautiful and functional. This tree growth chart wall decal looks absolutely stunning against a pale aqua wall. Our designers custom made this wall decal to match the aqua and brown room (and we'd happily to the same for you...just ask us!). We love that this design includes some mini-milestones along the way. Celebrate your little sweetheart when she reaches the first flower, second flower, the very first butterfly. Our growth chart wall decals are built to last, which is why this treetop is 75 inches high! We like to accommodate everyone, including future WNBA players. It may take 16 years to reach the top, but this wall decal will stand tall year after year after year, even if you move it to another wall or another room entirely. weeDECOR has an entire collection of growth chart wall decals for boys and girls. We offer a car growth chart wall decal for your transportation-themed room, a beautiful floral design for your darling daughter, and more! For more nursery decorating ideas and design inspiration, check out our customer photos! Some of the most sophisticated, stylish moms and dads around have come up with some incredible ideas for incorporating weeDECOR's wall decals into their nurseries and kid's rooms.

Flowers in Bloom in these Sweet Rooms October 31 2011

Beautiful blossoms abound in these sweet and sophisticated rooms. See how moms all over are accenting their nursery walls with some of our gorgeous flower wall decals. [caption id="attachment_4663" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="So sweet! The fresh, modern design of these flower wall stickers look fantastic over Charlotte's crib."]flower wall decals. flower wall stickers. nursery decor.[/caption] This Ontario mom found the perfect accent for her little's girls wall in our personalized tulip garden wall decal. The soft, muted colors look absolutely gorgeous against the delicate cream backdrop. Mom used Opal Cream by Behr to create the perfect canvas for her little girl's name. We love how the tall flower stands strong while its smaller counterpart sways in the gentle breeze. It adds such a sweet, special touch to this nursery. Mom tells us that she already has plans to display our classic flower garden wall decals once Charlotte is ready for her big-girl bed. Way to think ahead, mom! The personalized tulip garden wall decal can be arranged and rearranged any way you like. All of our wall decals are removable and reusable so you'll have unlimited attempts to get the exact effect you're looking for with our wall stickers. [caption id="attachment_4662" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Flowers and butterflies surround this wee one's name."]Flower wall sickers. flower wall decals. nursery decor.[/caption] This super-creative mom combined a few of our different designs to create one stunning visual display over her little girl's crib. She started out by using our wall decal letters in the Curly style to personalize Hope's space. From there, she embellished the name beautifully with a smattering of flower and butterfly heaven wall decals. We are so impressed with this mom's ability to mix and match our wall stickers to create a truly unique look. She colors are beautiful and we're sure her little one loves to gaze up at this special design that her mom so carefully crafted for her! [caption id="attachment_4664" align="alignnone" width="479" caption="Our classic flower garden wall sticker makes babies happy!"]flower wall stickers. flower wall decals. nursery decor. kids rooom decor.[/caption] We always love to hear from happy moms and dads who use weeDECOR's wall stickers to add that perfect touch to their nurseries and kids' rooms. We are especially thrilled to hear what your kids think about our designs. This mom tells us,  "My 3 month old baby girl loves her decals.  We put up the classic flower garden decal set when she was about 3 weeks old and for the past few weeks every time she looks at them she has a huge grin on her face!  If she is in a fussy mood I now walk her to the wall and have her look at them. We just ordered more to put above her crib." Wow! We always thought our wall stickers were cute but who knew that they had soothing potential as well? That's flower power at its finest! Moms and dads everywhere are using flowers to decorate their nurseries and kids' rooms and create serene sanctuaries for their wee one's. Look here for even more examples of fabulous floral decor.

An Exquisite Butterfly & Flower Themed Girl's Room by Little Crown Interiors April 30 2011

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X0gJUm1cl0&w=500&h=354] It was such a pleasure for us to help Little Crown Interiors design this lovely pink butterfly nursery and we are excited to share this video with you! The family of this lucky baby girl was also quite pleased. “Words alone can not express how beautiful you have made my soon to be granddaughter’s new nursery. Your taste is exquisite…you took into consideration everything my daughter was looking to have in her dream nursery,” Grandma told Little Crown Interiors. From the before and after photos of the room, you will see how our wall decals helped turn this baby room into butterfly heaven with a custom wall decal mural. The room’s overall theme played with pale pink giving it a soft touch of femininity accented by butterflies and flowers in varying shades of green, pink, yellow and blue to complete the look. Colorful weeDECOR flower wall decals can be seen surrounding the room, sprouting from the ground with vines that crawl majestically on the wall – all larger than life to further create that enchanted look. Flying from one blooming flower to another are butterfly wall decals in shades of bright pink, green, yellow and cobalt blue. You can see the playful butterflies not just adoring the colorful flowers, but also the painting on the wall. To complement the butterfly wall decals and the colorful flower and vine wall decals designed by weeDECOR, a pale yellow are area rug adorned with more flowers, vines and butterflies accents the floor. As soon as you enter the room, you feel like you have been brought into an enchanted world. We are so happy how well it turned out! If you are interested in purchasing these butterfly wall decals and flower wall decals, please email us at help at weeDECOR  dot com. You might also want to check out weeDECOR’s extensive collection of baby room wall decals and personalized wall decals for other designs from which to choose for your one-of-a-kind nursery.

A Cute Two-Toned Painted Yellow & Pink Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals December 11 2010

[caption id="attachment_3780" align="alignnone" width="368" caption="Pink Yellow, & Green Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals"]Pink Yellow, & Green Nursery with weeDECOR Flower Wall Decals[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3781" align="alignnone" width="256" caption="Tuilp & Bird Wall Decals on Bright Pink Painted Baby Room Wall"]Tuilp & Bird Wall Decals on Bright Pink Painted Baby Room Wall[/caption] Check out this lovely two-toned painted pink and yellow nursery decorated by a weeDECOR customer from Raleigh, NC. While we love our how this mom used our nursery wall decals, we were particularly struck by her two-toned painted walls in the baby’s room. Note how she uses a pale yellow paint as her primary color. The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Lemon Meringue. Then, she painted her accent wall in bright pink called Crushed Berries, also by Benjamin Moore. This pink and yellow color combination is ingenious because it makes both colors brighter and brings more visual interest to the baby’s room. Your eye can’t help but be drawn to the color in a “yin and yang” sort of way. Mom used our gorgeous modern flower wall decal mural to decorate her baby girl’s room. The decal set comes with tulip wall decals, sunflower wall decals, and butterfly and bird wall decals. Her cute pink and green hanging crib mobileis called JuicyFruit and is from TrendLab. Precious little watermelons and strawberries with percale and paisley striped twill dangle just beyond baby’s reach. The white crib helps make the room feel light and airy and the wall decals add the playfulness and whimsy. Thanks, mom, for sending us photos of your wall decals. See our other customer photos for ideas on decorating a nursery with wall decals. Also, see our other articles for: The best yellow paint for your nursery Two-toned painted pink painted baby room walls Decorating a nursery in pink

Grow a Garden with Flower Wall Decals & a weeDECOR Coupon Code March 02 2010

[caption id="attachment_2045" align="aligncenter" width="325" caption="Daisy Wall Decals for a Girl's Room"]Daisy Wall Decals for a Girl's Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2046" align="aligncenter" width="332" caption="Flower and Butterfly Wall Decals for a Girl's Room"]Flower and Butterfly Wall Decals for a Girl's Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2047" align="aligncenter" width="326" caption="Flower Wall Decals for a Girl's Room"]Flower Wall Decals for a Girl's Room[/caption] Mary, Mary quite contrary. How does your garden grow? Might we suggest with these flower wall decals from Curly Cue?  Floral wall decals are an easy way to decorate a nature themed nursery, a flower garden on your baby girl’s wall, or to embellish the space around a changing table or dresser area. Curly Cue has cute flower wall decals to get your garden going as well as other kid-friendly, garden themed wall decal designs such as butterflies, grass, trees, bumblebees, ladybugs, and birds. And, floral wall decals don’t have to be just for kids. In fact, our house has white floral wall decals in the bathroom to add a touch of fun. From Curly Cue, we like these long-stemmed daisy wall decals of varying height to line up against a base board to give you feel of entering a garden when you first walk into your baby’s room.   For more modern or abstract design, try these long-stemmed daisies with butterfly accents that can come as single-colored silhouettes in light pink or white. Or, for a bit more subtlety, these single flower wall decals can be used as a border or an embellishment for a dresser, changing table, or toddler bed.  These come in dark brown, beige, ice blue, and soft pink or you can request custom colors. Curly Cue has been kind enough to offer weeDECOR readers a 10% off coupon that has no limits (enter "weedecor" at checkout).  Thanks, Curly Cue!  In addition, they are currently running a free shipping offer on orders of $50 or more. See our other articles on related nature themes like using tree wall decals or ladybug wall stickers to decorate a baby room as well as organic, deer themed nursery décor.