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Little Crown Interiors' Latest Work of Art - A Gender Neutral Vintage Nursery September 23 2010

[caption id="attachment_3518" align="alignnone" width="449" caption="A Gender Neutral Vintage Nursery by Little Crown Interiors"]A Gender Neutral Vintage Nursery in green, blue, taupe and beige[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3519" align="alignnone" width="485" caption="The Gender Neutral Nursery Doubling as a Guest Room"]Gender Neutral Shabby Chic Baby Nursery[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3520" align="alignnone" width="485" caption="Gender Neutral Green Nursery - Changing Area"]Gender Neutral Green Nursery - Changing Area[/caption] Little Crown Interiors has done it again!  Check out this gorgeous gender neutral, vintage nursery in soft blue, taupe, and green the talented interior designers created for a client’s baby #2. As Little Crown worked with on the nursery design with their client, two themes took shape - a very beautiful shabby chic nursery, and individual pieces that together, lent themselves to a vintage nursery theme.  Little Crown decided on chic Newport Cottages furniture and then went on to choose colors. They loved the idea of green, but couldn’t find the right fabrics and bedding for their vision. So, they created custom crib bedding with coordinating pillows, changing pad covers, and window treatments. Since the client also wanted the nursery to double as a guest room, Little Crown added a sleeper sofa, and a side table that could act as a night stand. From the custom crib bedding to the perfect shade of green nursery paint, the beautiful lighting fixture and the blackout window treatments, Little Crown made sure that it all worked together to create a gender neutral nursery any baby would love. See other designer nurseries by Little Crown Interiors including: A decadently rich safari themed baby room with giraffes and zebras A whimsical Asian inspired baby nursery in pink, aqua, & lime green Nautical, Shabby Chic, & nature themed nurseries using greens, blues & pinks

More Works of Art from colorTHEORY - A Modern, Gender Neutral Birch Tree Nursery September 12 2010

[caption id="attachment_3490" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="A Gender Neutral Birch Tree Baby Nursery Designed by colorTHEORY"]A Gender Neutral Birch Tree Baby Nursery Designed by colorTHEORY[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3491" align="alignnone" width="484" caption="Birch Tree Themed Nursery Decor by colorTHEORY"]Birch Tree Themed Nursery Decor by colorTHEORY[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3492" align="alignnone" width="484" caption="Birch Tree Themed Modern Baby Nursery by colorTHEORY"]Birch Tree Themed Modern Baby Nursery by colorTHEORY[/caption] Great interior designers have a tremendous talent for creatively translating a client’s vision, preferences, and individuality into room décor that uniquely reflects them. One of our favorite nursery interior designers for whom this rings true is Boston-based colorTHEORY. That is why we were excited to hear about their latest project – a modern, gender neutral birch tree nursery. It started when a previous client reached out to colorTHEORY with some exciting news. They were expecting their first baby and wanted colorTHEORY on board for the project. During their initial meeting, the client introduced a design challenge by choosing not to find out the sex of their baby until it was born. This meant coming up with a creative gender neutral baby nursery theme and colors. It wasn't too long into the meeting that mom-to-be expressed a preference for birch trees and colorTHEORY was excited to oblige. “There's something about the color make up and patterns in a birch tree that is very modern”, colorTHEORY tells weeDECOR. With a degree in fine arts from the Museum School, colorTHEORY partner, Benjamin Scott, was anxious to use his talent to hand paint a series of birch trees in different variations & heights, creating a gorgeous, urban camouflage effect. Keeping in line with gender neutral colors as well as recognizing that the room received no natural light, colorTHEORY kept the room's colors crisp and open, and easily able to compliment the black, white, & grey colors in the birch tree. The next form of creative inspiration came from nostalgic items already in the client’s home. colorTHEORY partner, Brad Dufton, tells us, “I noticed a low table in the room that mom-to-be said was used by her mother when she was a baby. I suggested that we repaint it to match the white in the birch trees and to hand paint an outline of two birch trees. This helped put a modern spin on this heirloom item. Our client happily agreed. I also saw an old fashioned wooden floor lamp they had and suggested we spray paint it a burnt orange color to match the design elements in the crib bedding we had chosen. Again, they said yes and grew even more excited as the room began to take life." Now, inspired by the would-be burnt orange floor lamp and orange bedding details, colorTHEORY suggested adding five orange birds to the birch trees. When asked, “Why five?”, colorTHEORY responded, “One for each family member – mom, dad, baby, Wheezy the cat, and Cassius the dog. Mom and Dad-to-be loved it and signed off on the design immediately." Thanks, colorTHEORY and mom and dad-to-be, for sharing your inspirational and beautifully designed gender neutral nursery with weeDECOR. There is no doubt baby will be sure to love his or her room, too. See other works of art from colorTHEORY including: High-Styled Blue & Green Modern Owl Themed Nursery A Luscious Giraffe Themed Yellow Nursery for Liam

Lessons in How to Make a Neutral Nursery Pop January 12 2010

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Grey Painted Modern Nursery or Kids Room"]Grey Painted Modern Nursery or Kids Room[/caption] Even experienced interior designers can take lessons from architect Julie Fisher who gutted her Chicago Bucktown neighborhood two flat and turned into a single-family home a few years ago. Using a color palette of neutral greys, beiges, browns, whites, and a modern bent, Fisher created a sumptuously modern girl's room that oozes sophistication and fun. Using modern furniture, patterned fabrics, Benjamin Moore's Old Salem Gray wall paint, and a funky Retro Squares wallpaper from Chicago's Urban Source, Fisher created a modern neutral kid's room that pops.  Here are three lessons we can all use when decorating with a neutral color palette. 1) Embrace patterns - Whether it's the bedding, the wall, or some other part of the room, find a pattern to make your neutral color palette pop.  Both the bedding and the wallpaper play this part in Fisher's child's room.  The modern brown and white polka dotted comforter and the the modern geometric shapes in the wallpaper bring the visual interest that often is reserved for bright colors in kids' rooms. 2) Create color contrast - Use paint, fabrics, or accent pieces to create strong color contrast.  Fisher did this by painting her floor molding white providing a nice contrast against the hardwood floors and grey wall paint as well as by using a white changing pad on a dark wood changing table. 3) Showcase a "not" neutral - What better way to accentuate neutrality than by juxtaposing it next to something that is not?  Fisher did this with just a splash of color in her throw pillows and wall decor.  The blue throw pillow on the bed and the bluebird on the wall hanging present that not neutral blue against the greys and browns making them pop even more than they would without that splash of blue.

Celebrate Nature with an Organic Deer Themed Nursery October 12 2009

[caption id="attachment_929" align="aligncenter" width="324" caption="Deer Themed Nursery with Organic Baby Bedding"]Deer Themed Nursery with Organic Baby Bedding[/caption] Celebrate the beauty of nature with this organic deer themed nursery.  This gorgeous, earth-friendly nursery set by Kidsline - called Willow - is made of 100% organic cotton and is a lovely choice when designing a gender neutral nursery. The muted, nature-inspired brown and green earth tones juxtapose nicely against the bright white cotton.  Notice how you can use various tones of green to create color depth and realism.  In this set up, the forest green wall paint looks rich and cozy against the bedding set and brings out the yellow and beige nuances in the green shades of the nursery set. The fawn wall hangings and window valences are cute.  But if you don't want to get too "matchy-matchy", consider a nature wall mural using paint or wall decals.  Create your own forest using trees, birds, fawns, owls and other nature-inspired decor. The 4 piece set (quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, and fitted sheet) is sold on Better Homes and Garden is on sale :)  You can also purchase the matching lamp, valence and other accessories. See our other gender neutral nursery theme ideas and our wall decals for a gender neutral nursery for further inspiration.

A (So Not) Neutral Nursery Theme September 06 2009

[caption id="attachment_533" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="A (Not) Neutral Nursery Theme"]A (Not) Neutral Nursery Theme[/caption] When most of us think of a neutral nursery, we think beige, yellow, or green which can, frankly, look a little boring at times.  Since we all know the baby nursery is the most playful room in the house, it needs to be anything but boring.  That is why we love the idea of using bright and vibrant colors to make what could be described as neutral so 'not'. This crib is from Petit Tresor, a Los Angeles based baby furnishings company, and we think it is a brilliant example of an impossible-to-be-boring neutral baby room.  Great for a boy or girl's baby room, the blue, orange, yellow, and green color palette will make it feel like summer every day. We must warn you.  The price of the crib alone is a shocker ($1200).  If this is as hard to handle for you as it is for us, consider what you could do with some good white baby furniture and some great shades of paint.  We love how they dressed up the nursery with bears on the wall shelf and that cute giraffe - that giraffe wall decor piece is especially good.  Note that you need to do very little with wall color given the vibrancy of the color in the baby furniture. For more nursery theme ideas, see our other baby room theme finds.