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Loft Spaces for Kids February 16 2015

We're daydreaming about kids' lofts on this sunny afternoon.

1. White Loft Space | My Lovely Things
2. Floating Loft Beds | Midwest Living
3. Modern White Loft Bed | Apartment Therapy
4. Wooden Kids Loft | Arch Daily
5. Nautical Kids Room | Our Boat House

Floor Seating for Kids February 09 2015

We spend a lot of time on the floor at weeDECOR. It seems to be the preferred seating spot for those under the age of 5, and we have to admit, it can be pretty cozy. Whether you need a comfy little reading nook, a new place to nap, or just a softer place to play, we've found some gorgeous kid-friendly floor seating options below.

1. Kids Pillow Couch | Babble
2. Colorful Floor Cushions | shelterless
3. Stone Floor Pillows | Pebble Pillows
4. Floor Pillows | sfgirlbybay
5. Teepee Reading Nook | Pinecone Camp
6. Tufted Floor Pillows | Urban Outfitters
7. Nursery Floor Pillows | One Claire Day
8. Crocheted Floor Pillows | la casa de coto
9. Black and White Kids Room | ohhhmhhh
10. Yellow Floor Couch | Frugal Minimalist

Work Spaces for Kids January 14 2015

Making a place for your child to read, write, draw, and create is a wonderful thing. They don't need a lot of space, just a little corner to call their own. Hang their art, provide the supplies, and watch their imaginations take flight. Here are a few mini workspaces that we found inspiring.

1. Shared Room Kids Desk | HELÉN PE
2. Wall Mounted Kids Desk | Apartment Therapy
3. Little Tables | The Boo and the Boy
4. Vintage School Desk | Handmade Charlotte
5. Colorful Kids Desks | Design Dazzle

10 Chairs for Kids January 12 2015

Our little ones enjoy having a seat to call their own, and we're lucky to have some little chairs that have been passed down through the generations such as this metal rocker. For vintage kids chair options such as schoolhouse chairs and rattan chairs we recommend you visit your local flea market. If you don't live near a flea market, there is always Ebay and Etsy, which offer an endless supply of vintage kids chairs. Whether you're shopping for vintage or modern kids chairs, we've found 10 little chairs that would make a wonderful addition to any playroom.


1. Metal & Wood Kids Chairs | Gallivanting Girls
2. Kids Eames Rocker | Sissy + Marley
3. Mini Drawer Kids Chair | inmod
4. Kids Wood Folding Chair | Brewsters Flea Market
5. Kids Stump Stool | Kalon Studios | Sissy + Marley
6. Mini Hennie Rattan Kids Chair | Serna & Lily
7. Gold Butterfly Chair | Urban Outfitters
8. House Sitter Kids Play Chair | Land of Nod
9. Cuzco Macrame Hanging Chair | Urban Outfitters
10. Kids Adirondack Chair | Target