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Help us decide what wall decals to design next! Vote for #1 – Farm Animal Wall Decals June 15 2011 1 Comment

[caption id="attachment_4396" align="alignnone" width="474" caption="Vote for your Favorite Wall Decal Theme - Farm Animals"]Vote for your Favorite Wall Decal Theme - Farm Animals[/caption] Here’s the first of your three choices – farm animal wall decals. This sweet little lamb would be part of a Farm Animal Wall Decal Collection. Envision horses, chickens, pigs, roosters, ducks and other cute farm animals hanging around a barn. Our farm animal wall decals will help your little one learn how to “quack” like a duck, “ney” like a horse, “oink” like a pig, “crow” like a rooster, and, of course, “bah bah bah” like this cute little lamb. If you like this theme best leave a comment on the bottom of this post by end of day Thursday, June 16, 2011. You must be our Facebook fan to be eligible (just click on the “like” button at the top of this page) to win. You will be entered to win the decal collection of your choice (up to $100 in value). Want to check out the other options? Take a peek at this crane as part of a Construction Vehicle Wall Decal Collection and this whale as part of a Under-the Sea Wall Decal Collection. See all of our current wall decals at www.weedecor.com.

Animal Wall Appliques for the Nursery August 19 2009

Animal wall appliques, wall decals, or wall stickers from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Wall Centerpieces that Delight and Inspire August 17 2009

There are so many choices in nursery décor these days – the possibilities are endless. The best way to start is to choose a theme that you love.   Once you’ve chosen a theme, the traditional advice is to select your bedding and accessorize accordingly.  At weeDECOR, we think about things a bit differently. We believe it’s important to find that one eye-popping centerpiece or decoration that will make a statement and make visitors to your nursery breathless.   This can be just about anything – the nursery bedding, the rug, the centerpiece lighting.  For us though, it often starts with the wall. Keeping your wall bare is blasé. Why not find an eye-catching wall centerpiece that will transform your baby’s room into a modern, ultra-chic and most welcoming nursery? We love for example the statement made through this wall decoration (image from Pottery Barn Kids).   The theme for this nursery is a lamb motif.  You can see that the wall is the centerpiece of the nursery and strays from the lamb theme.  We think the lamb theme and the wall mural tree centerpiece work beautifully together. [caption id="attachment_196" align="aligncenter" width="390" caption="wall decal centerpiece for baby nursery"]wall decal centerpiece for baby nursery[/caption] While you could use wall stencils and paint to create this look, this simple yet stunning wall centerpiece can be easily created with our tree wall decals.  A wall decal is a vinyl adhesive that easily comes on and off with no residue or marks, and leaves no room for mistakes.  Wall decals are also an easy and affordable way to decorate your nursery and make the ultimate modern statement for your nursery. We think by starting with wall decor and finding that one center masterpiece that inspires, you will easily transform your nursery into a magical and inspiring place.  Your friends and family can’t help but whisper “Wow” under their breath when they walk into your baby’s room.

DIY Nursery Wall Mural of Farm Animals August 14 2009

[caption id="attachment_188" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="Farm mural with paint stencils for nurseries"]Farm mural with paint stencils for nurseries[/caption] We think this nursery wall mural is precious and thought it could serve to get your creative juices going.  The farm animal theme may not be for everyone (nor the manual labor required to paint it) but we just had to share.  The stencil package is from www.mywonderfulwalls.com and sells for about $100 for the brushes and wall stencils. Paint is not included.  If you are creative and ambitious, painting your own wall mural could be a self-satisfying project while decorating your baby nursery. // //