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Modern Shelving for Kids February 06 2015

Installing shelves to organize your child's books, toys, and art supplies will save you hours of cleanup. As an added benefit, storage systems that make items easy to see and reach increase the likelihood that your child will use them. Here are 10 interesting shelf ideas for baby nurseries and kids' rooms.

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2. Floating Shelves | Daffodil Design
3. White Shelves | mini style
4. Heart Shelf | Down that Little Lane
5. Box Shelving | Paul et Paula
6. Wall Shelving with Kids Desk | Planete Deco
7. Tree Book Shelf | Good Homes
8. Kids Wall Storage | ma deco comme les grands
9. Geometric Shelving | The General Store
10. Pegboard Shelving | Bondville

Toy Storage Ideas January 13 2015

Kids grow faster than we can keep up. Consider this when choosing storage pieces for their room. Try to get durable items that will look good anywhere in the house because that's where they'll end up. Baskets are perfect for toy storage since they are easy to carry. It's also nice if you can find items that serve multiple purposes. They can be repurposed later when your child no longer needs them. And lastly, shelves do so much good. They may take longer to set up, but getting things off the floor is so rewarding.

1. Long Cabinet with Baskets | Mother Mag
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3. Modern Shelving for Kids | Handmade Charlotte
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