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10 Creative Wall Decal Ideas October 28 2014

We're used to decorating walls with decals, but there are so many creative places for wall stickers. Here are ten unique wall decal placements that you may not have considered.

paper lantern stickers

1. Your can apply wall decals to paper lanterns or lamp shades. We have a number of small wall decals that would be perfect for this application, including polka dot wall decals, stars wall decals, and heart wall decals. Animals would also be a cute addition.

2. Full length mirrors and closet door mirrors make great surfaces for wall decals. Try some small flower wall decals in the corner or maybe a butterfly or a ladybug wall decal walking up the sides.

3. We've seen quite a bit of antique window decor lately. They create a lovely natural frame from for wall decals.

furniture wall decals
4. Furniture such as dressers, bookshelves, chairs, and craft tables make great places for wall decals. We think nature wall decals would be a nice choice, but any type could work since there is so much space to work with. This is also a great way to hide nicks and other imperfections on your furniture.

5. You can also put a personalized wall decal on your child's bedroom door or perhaps a little detail that matches their room decor.

6. Wall decals on the ceiling are a delightful surprise. We think raindrops and bubbles would be especially lovely soaring overhead.

ceiling wall decal stickers

7. Your refrigerator, toaster, washer and dryer—these are all fun places to personalize your home with wall decals. We think our penguin wall decals would look particularly adorable on the refrigerator.

8. Some of our smaller sets of decals would lend themselves well to gift wrapping. Our polka dot wall decals, flower wall decals, and star wall decals come with multiple tiny pieces and you could use one or two decals per package. You can also write or draw on our decals with a marker.

9. Wall decals work well on lunch boxes, and you can use our 2-inch type decals to personalize your child's lunch.

10. weeDECOR wall decals also look great in picture frames, and if you don't have any empty picture frames we also sell wall decal picture frames as well. You can purchase them with our without your family photos printed inside.

Pretty Polka Dot Décor for a Baby Room March 11 2013

Oh, the fun of polka dot décor! There are so many ways to decorate with polka dots as they can be used in the design of a boy’s or girl’s room—or, if baby’s gender is a surprise, they can work for a gender neutral look, too. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="511" caption="Polka Dot Nursery - hus&hem"]Polka Dot Nursery - hus&hem[/caption] Have twins? We’re loving this gender neutral nursery with confetti style polka dots sprinkled on the wall. The fun color combo of aqua, red, and yellow makes the look that much more festive. The red and white striped curtains add to the charm as do the animals in the crib and the ball on the floor. We can’t help but think “circus” when seeing this room. If red has caught your eye as well, check out this bold red, yellow, and grey polka dot bedding set from our favorite fashion forward, big-box retailer Target. Also incorporating the confetti style, you need little other décor in the room with this bedding set as it is such a stand out. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="Bacati Bedding Collection - Target"]Polka Dot Nursery Bedding - Target[/caption] Note that your polka dot décor doesn’t need to have all of the same sized dots. See how this mom used weeDECOR polka dot wall decals to design a one-of-a-kind ceiling border. The lime green, orange, brown and yellow color palette in conjunction with different arrangements of circles and dots lends itself to a fresh, cheery look. In considering polka dots as decorative accents, DIYers can rejoice in a fun wall art project using a simple pencil eraser and colored ink. See Carla Liu’s blog to see how to create designs. This also looks like a fun project in which to get your toddler involved in the decorating fun. See other photos and more for: Lovely Lavender and Brown Polka Dot Décor Blue and Orange Polka Dot Nursery Décor Brown and Pink Polka Dot Nursery Décor

Must See! This Striking Baby Nursery with Lime Green & Bright Orange does not Disappoint June 24 2012 3 Comments

[caption id="attachment_4908" align="alignnone" width="498" caption="A Modern Nursery with weeDECOR Custom Polka Dot Wall Decals"]A Modern Nursery with weeDECOR Custom Polka Dot Wall Decals[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4909" align="alignnone" width="498" caption="weeDECOR Whimsical Tree Wall Decal in a Neutral Baby Room"]weeDECOR Whimsical Tree Wall Decal in a Neutral Baby Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4907" align="alignnone" width="498" caption="An Orange and Green Baby Room with Polka Dot Ceiling Border"]An Orange and Green Baby Room with Polka Dot Ceiling Border[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4906" align="alignnone" width="499" caption="A White Modern Crib with Orange and Green Accents"]A White Modern Crib with Orange and Green Accents[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4905" align="alignnone" width="499" caption="Gorgeous, Patterned Crib Sheets in a Modern Nursery"]Gorgeous, Patterned Crib Sheets in a Modern Nursery[/caption] We are VERY excited to share with you one of the prettiest nurseries we've seen featuring our nursery wall decals.  This bold and beautiful modern nursery features lime green, bright orange, and striking white and yellow against neutral toned paint and furniture to create a baby's room that will make any little one smile. As always, we asked mom where she found her inspiration and how she went about decorating her little one's room to get that stylish look she sought and that you may be seeking, too. Mom tells weeDECOR, "I suppose it started with the bedding. Trying to find baby bedding that is gender neutral and not standard pale green is challenging. I knew I wanted the room to be bright and fun, so when we found the lime green and bright orange bedding, I was thrilled. From there I spent countless hours searching the Internet looking at gender neutral nursery ideas.  When I came across a photo with polka dot wall decals on a ceiling on weeDECOR, it was just about re-creating the look in our home's existing color pallet. The fact that weeDECOR was willing to create the custom decals in the sizes, colours, and quantities I wanted was so incredibly helpful, and allowed me to add a few of our own ideas into the design above the moulding." We were so glad we could help mom with a version of our polka dot wall decals that she used near her ceiling. We love the variety of colors and circular shapes that border the room and create that wonderful, whimsical nursery feel. Mom painted the baby room walls with Benjamin Moore's "Ranchwood" and the trim in "Stone Brown". Her furniture is from West Coast Kids in Edmonton, Canada as is her glider, bedding and hanging wall art featuring a lion, monkey, and giraffe. Grandma added her personal touch by making the blanket hanging over the crib. Mom's wall decals are, of course, eco-friendly fabric nursery wall decals by weeDECOR. Mom selected our 6 foot whimsical tree wall decal, and surrounded it with our smiling giraffe, tiger, modern elephant, and lion wall decals. She created a gorgeous ceiling border with a custom version of our polka dot wall decals. Mom further told us, "After looking at so many rooms online, I thought the ones that looked the best used wall decals in a scene as opposed to just placing them on the wall. Additionally, I liked rooms that had different depths and textures on the walls. I felt they had more character. With that in mind, we searched for some jungle themed accessories and found the giraffe, lion and monkey. Now …. what to put above the change table????? The search continues... Thank you again for all your help. It was a pleasure working with weeDECOR. I especially loved it when I opened my package to find out you had sent me a few extra small decals to fill the space between the large decals I had ordered instead of just leaving the gaps blank. That was a nice touch." Thank you, mom, for sharing your gorgeous, modern nursery with our readers.

Inspiring Ways to Use Simple, Stylish Polka Dots in your Baby Nursery June 08 2010

[caption id="attachment_3179" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="Polka Dot Painted Ceiling in the Nursery"]Polka Dot Painted Ceiling in the Nursery. pink, black and white polka dot decor for a baby girl's room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4901" align="alignnone" width="475" caption="Green, Orange, & Yellow weeDECOR Polka Dot Wall Decals Border a Ceiling"]Green, Orange, & Yellow weeDECOR Polka Dot Wall Decals Border a Ceiling. polka dot wall decals. polka dot borders[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3180" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="Polka Dot Wall Border in a Pink Nursery"]Polka Dot Wall Border in a Pink Nursery. decorate a nursery with animals and polka dot wall decals for a look like this.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3181" align="alignnone" width="365" caption="Personalized Polka Dot Wall Decals"]Personalized Polka Dot Wall Decals. decorate your baby room with polka dot wall stickers[/caption] Polka dots in a baby’s room are always in style. Whether your preference is modern or classic, you can always find a way to incorporate polka dots while staying true to your personal design style. Popular in baby bedding, curtains, and rugs, we’ve found inspiring ways to use polka dots in your nursery to get your creative juices going. Check out this delightful nursery with a painted polka dot ceiling in this classic pale pink and black nursery with decorative painted hot pink swirl accents. See more of this nursery from RateMySpace mom Cre8tiveCompliments in Virginia to see the delightful polka dot details on the doors and bedding used in the room. Just gorgeous! We also like this animal themed nursery with a decorative polka dot wall border along the crib. This small detail makes such a powerful statement. See more at Chic Cheap Nursery for info on the modern furniture, the pink and white polka dot curtains, and the pink and brown polka dot rug which add the finishing touches. And, don’t think that polka dots are just for girls.  There are plenty of ways to decorate a boy’s baby room with polka dots to get an equally stylish room.  Here’s a beautiful blue, brown and white polka dot baby boy’s room for starters. For less involved polka dot decor, try our personalized polka dot wall decals. They come in pale pink, lilac, and lavender for girls and sage green and pale blue for boys. They are removable and reusable and won’t damage your walls. For other ideas on using polka dots, see: Gorgeous Green Polka Dot Nursery Décor Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Seating Our Polka Dot Owl Wall Decals

Pretty in Pink Personalized Polka Dot Wall Stickers September 26 2009

[caption id="attachment_800" align="aligncenter" width="445" caption="Personalized Polka Dot Wall Stickers "]Personalized Polka Dot Wall Stickers [/caption] Personalization is a great way to make any nursery or kid's room special.  And, what better way to decorate your nursery walls than with the baby name you toiled over for months.  This cute polka dot wall sticker set from Rosenberry Rooms is a stylish way to do just that! These removable wall stickers (or wall decals) are made of thin adhesive vinyl to give you that hand painted look without the mess of wall paint.  The popular polka dot design will help you add the final touches to your polka dot themed nursery.  And, popular baby brands like Pottery Barn Kids, Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, and Company Kids are all carrying a version of polka dot kid decor products such as bedding, sheets, rugs, and curtains.  This wall sticker set sells for $44 and comes in other colors. See our other on how to use wall stickers when decorating a nursery.

Perfect Polka Dot Wall Stickers September 01 2009

Polka dot wall stickers bring pop to any nursery or kid's room.