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NEW Cacti + Succulents August 03 2016

We are excited to share a new collection of eco-friendly wall decalsdesert plants! We have a few cacti, a succulent, and an airplant that you can stick to your walls, furniture—even gifts! Now you can decorate your modern baby nursery or kid's room with cacti and succulents without worrying about your child's safety. As always, all of our decals are free of lead, phthalates, PBA, PVC, and they do not emit VOCs. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, desert style!

modern desert kids room weedecor

Candy-Colored Kids Decor July 23 2015

weeDECOR is a fan of modern, candy-colored kids rooms. Everything about this style is light, bright, and packed full of sweet. We've designed a set of giant candy wall sprinkles to compliment your child's cheerful bedroom or playroom. Our reusable sprinkle wall decals also make unforgettable photo backdrops for birthday parties.

1. Wall Sprinkles | weeDECOR
2. Candy-colored House | Bri Emery
3. Color Love | Caroline Wertz | Pinterest
4. Pink & Yellow Door | Design Sponge
5. Creative Kids Dresser | Styling by Charlotte Love
6. Modern Kids Room | Petite Vintage Interiors
7. The Perfect Pink Wall | Jelanie Shop

Bunny Bedrooms February 23 2015

We love bunnies! If you don't have a bunny to cuddle, bunny room decor is the next best thing. Bunny mirrors, bunny wall stickers, bunny rugs—we can't get enough! Bunny decor is a classic, and it's a wonderful choice if you're expecting a spring baby.

1. Bunny Kids Mirror | Land of Nod
2. Boho Bunny Kids Room | Sycamore Street Press
3. Modern Bunny Kids Room | Deco Peques
4. Bunny Wall Decal | weeDECOR
5. Bunny Nursery Mobile | Patricija

Art Spaces for Kids February 19 2015

If you have a child you know their art and craft projects tend cover every horizontal surface in your home. Creating a place for your child to make and store masterpieces is the only way to stay organized. Here are some art and craft spaces for kids that we found inspirational.

1. Kids Drawing Station | Tried and True Blog
2. Kids Craft Table | Land of Nod
3. Kids Art Wall DIY | Design Improvised
4. Pegboard Kids Craft Station | Handmade Charlotte
5. Art Desk | Childhood 101
6. Modern Kids Table | unduetre stella
7. Mounted Paper Roll | George and Willy

Play Kitchens February 11 2015

Decorating a playroom is so much fun, but where to begin? We recommend a mini kitchen to spark your toddler's imagination.

1. Wood Play Kitchen | weeDECOR | Camden Rose
2. White & Gold Play Kitchen | a life in detail | IKEA diy hack
3. DIY Play Kitchen | Young House Love
4. Mint Green Play Kitchen | Blue Eyed Yonder
5. Black & White Play Kitchen | divaaniblogit | Brio

White Walls with Pops of Color February 04 2015

Can't paint your white walls or live in a small space? White walls don't have to be drab. Everything goes with white, and it really makes what color you do have pop. Below are some fun nurseries and kids rooms that are mostly white and anything, but boring. Our reusable patterned wall decals are also a wonderful way to add some color and whimsey to your white walls.

1. White Colorful Kids Room | amzhome
2. Triangle Wall Decals | weeDECOR
3. Dot Kids Room | Handmade Charlotte
4. Heart Wall Decals | weeDECOR
5. Sarah's White Colorful Nursery | A Beautiful Mess
6. Dot Wall Decals | weeDECOR
7. White and Pastel Kids Room | petitvintagebel
8. Aztec Wall Decals | weeDECOR
9. White Toddler Room | Klikk

Modern Holiday Decor December 04 2014

Have you found the perfect modern Christmas decorations for your home? Now is the time to order our holiday wall decals. weeDECOR wall decals are a great way to decorate your home because they are eco-friendly are reusable, so you can peel them off and put them back up each year. We print everything to order, so leave us a note when you place your order to let us know if you need any color changes.




Bring the Outdoors In this Winter with Tree Wall Decals November 29 2014

Here at weeDECOR, our most beloved wall decals (after the owls) are the tree wall decals, and we have so many to choose from. We have Christmas tree wall decals, heart tree wall decals, owl tree wall decals, tree swing wall decals—we even have several palm tree decals, including an extra large version in this giraffe mural. This white tree wall decal is our most popular, and we are doing a giveaway on Instagram this Monday!


1. Christmas Tree Calendar Wall Decal | weeDECOR | $80
2. Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal | weeDECOR | $110
3. Owl Tree Wall Decal | weeDECOR | $130
4. White Tree Wall Decal | weeDECOR | $145
5. Natural Tree Wall Decal | weeDECOR | $130

Don't forget to use promo code WDCYBER14 this Cyber Monday to receive 30% off all wall decals and join us on Instagram this Monday for our sample sale, where you can receive up to 70% off our wall decals!