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NEW Cacti + Succulents August 03 2016

We are excited to share a new collection of eco-friendly wall decalsdesert plants! We have a few cacti, a succulent, and an airplant that you can stick to your walls, furniture—even gifts! Now you can decorate your modern baby nursery or kid's room with cacti and succulents without worrying about your child's safety. As always, all of our decals are free of lead, phthalates, PBA, PVC, and they do not emit VOCs. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, desert style!

modern desert kids room weedecor

White Walls with Pops of Color February 04 2015

Can't paint your white walls or live in a small space? White walls don't have to be drab. Everything goes with white, and it really makes what color you do have pop. Below are some fun nurseries and kids rooms that are mostly white and anything, but boring. Our reusable patterned wall decals are also a wonderful way to add some color and whimsey to your white walls.

1. White Colorful Kids Room | amzhome
2. Triangle Wall Decals | weeDECOR
3. Dot Kids Room | Handmade Charlotte
4. Heart Wall Decals | weeDECOR
5. Sarah's White Colorful Nursery | A Beautiful Mess
6. Dot Wall Decals | weeDECOR
7. White and Pastel Kids Room | petitvintagebel
8. Aztec Wall Decals | weeDECOR
9. White Toddler Room | Klikk