What is weeDECOR?
weeDECOR is a line of eco-friendly wall decals and wall stickers for nurseries and kids rooms. Our designers have experience at Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Gymboree, Target and other great brands to bring you modern, stylish, high quality children’s wall décor that matches your room. We strive to inspire you to decorate a personal and playful space for your wee one.

What are wall decals?
Wall decals, sometimes called wall stickers, wall graphics, and wall appliqués are a new trend in wall décor. Wall decals are generally made of thin, adhesive vinyl. weeDECOR wall decals are made of fabric and printed and cut on an eco-solvent printer. Our wall decals look like they are hand painted on your wall like a mural or wall stencil. Our wall stickers are removable and restickable, so you can move them around until you're happy with their placement.

How do I contact you?
Please email us at help@weedecor.com.

How long will your products stay on my walls?
Our products should last up to 3 years depending on how they are handled.

Where are you located?
Although we were founded in San Francisco, we have since relocated to the west shore of Lake Tahoe. However, all of our wall stickers are still printed and shipped from the Bay Area.

What are your wall decals made of?
Our wall decals are made of fabric with a water-based adhesive backing. They are of the highest quality to ensure they can be easily removed and repositioned. weeDECOR wall decals can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How do I apply your products?
Before applying your wall decals, be sure to unroll them (if rolled) and let them lay flat for a few hours. Be sure the decals are at room temperature and that the wall on which they will be applied is dry. Ideally, wait 30 days after painting before applying your wall decals. weeDECOR wall decals are easy to apply. Your wall decals will either come on a backing (like stickers) or sandwiched between one clear piece of paper (called 'transfer tape') and one white piece of paper. The transfer tape helps with alignment of designs that involve letters. To apply, you will first peel off the white piece of paper. You will press your wall decal (which is still attached to the clear paper) on your desired location on your wall. You will then peel off the clear paper pulling downward towards the floor. The decal will remain attached to your wall.

How do I remove your wall decals?
Simply peel the decal from your wall using your fingernail or a blunt tool. Warm decals are easier to remove, so heating them with a hair dryer can help during colder months.

Are your decals reusable?
Yes. Move them from room to room should you desire.

Will your decals damage my walls?
Our wall decals are designed to be removed easily and will not leave residue.

Can your decals be applied to any type of wall?
Yes. However, while we have tested our wall decals on many surfaces, there are a limitless number of paints, surfaces, and wall coverings currently on the market and new coverings continue to emerge. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our wall decals will adhere to every surface equally well. We recommend you order a sample. Also, note that because our wall decal material is so thin, the grooves of a textured wall will show through. It is similar to the texture you would see if you were applying a coat of paint.

Can your decals be applied to bathroom walls?
Yes! However, like most materials of this nature, the decals may not last as long as they would if they were in a less humid environment.

Can your decals be applied to other surfaces?
Yes, although our products are designed to adhere to flat surfaces as opposed to surfaces with curvature. Customers have successfully applied them to refrigerators, wood furniture, metal—even windows!

Do you provide samples?
Yes! We provide samples of our entire color palette so you can get a sense for the quality of our products.

How do I check the status of my shipment?
Please email us at help@weedecor.com with your order number.

What types of payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.

Do you accept custom orders?
We accept custom orders on a case by case basis, depending on our availability. We can also print custom colors for a free of $10. Please contact us at help@weedecor.com.

What is your privacy policy?
We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy policy for more detail.

How is my personal information protected?
You personally identifiable information will never be shared with or sold to a third party. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

What are my shipping options?
We are excited to offer free shipping and handling on orders above $75. Shipping and handling charges for orders below $75 are $5 for wall decals and $1 for labels. US shipping can take up to 3 weeks, and some Canadian decal orders take up to 6 weeks, due to customs. We print all orders weekly (typically on Tuesdays) and then ship the decals flat or in a large white tube via USPS (3-5 business days). Due to the weight of our high-quality material, FedEx and UPS is at least $25, which is why we don't offer it as a shipping option. Should you need your wall decals sooner, please contact us at help@weedecor.com.

Do you ship to Canada?

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship outside of the US or Canada at this time. However, a customer recently told us about Shipito, which is a company that provides you with a US address and coordinates international shipping for you.

What is your return policy?
Should you not be 100% satisfied with our product, we will gladly accept your unused wall decals within 30 days of your receipt of your product. Please contact us at help@weedecor.com if you have questions regarding a return.