how to apply

Our wall decals take only a few minutes to apply.  Our wall decals come with a white backing from which you can just peel away our decals - just like a sticker. Before applying, lay your decals flat (if they come rolled) for a few hours and be sure they are at room temperature. It is best to wait 30 days before applying to a freshly painted wall. Finally, be sure your wall surface is clean and dry. For some of our more delicate decals such as names or wall quotes, you will receive your wall decals “sandwiched” between two pieces of material – the white backing and a clear-colored transfer tape. The transfer tape makes it easier to apply letters so they are aligned and straight on a wall. Follow these step-by-step instructions below on how to apply our wall decals that come with transfer tape. When you receive wall decals with transfer tape: 1)      Determine where you would like to apply your decal.  We recommend taping the decal (using paint-safe tape) while it is still sandwiched between the transfer tape and the white backing to the wall and marking the placement of the transfer tape with a pencil. 2)      Remove the decal from the wall and place it on a smooth surface such as a table (clear) transfer tape side down.  With a credit card, firmly scrape the white backing against the transfer tape. Your goal is to get the front of your decal to stick against the clear transfer tape so you can remove the white backing. 3)      Remove the  white backing starting at a far corner. Pull the white backing away from the decal, parallel to the table.  If the decal is sticking to the white backing, simply put the white backing back down and rub the decal against the transfer tape more vigorously. Your goal is to remove the white backing while the decal remains on the transfer tape. 4)      Position the decal and the transfer tape against the wall aligning the transfer tape with your pencil marks. 5)      Work from the center of the decal using your hands to firmly stick the decal and transfer tape to your wall.  Work out any air bubbles along the way. 6)      Finally, remove the transfer tape by starting from the top and pulling it directly towards the floor, leaving the wall decal on the wall. In the event that you do not like the alignment, you can remove the wall decals with your hands and reposition them any way you choose.  Additionally, you may want to save the paper backing should you want to remove and store your wall decals for later use.